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  1. "images taken from google" - I'm tired that the dinosaurs that dominate ARK are carnivores,(with the exception of therizino), I would like a herbivorous dino "Deinocheirus" which can deal with large predators, being a creature that can be cured with vegetables, (cakes heal life, but they stay a lot back against dinos that are healed only with meat), this will have a good skill kit for pvp, thermal insulation (since it has feathers), an increase in its statistics when it is in the water "it is terrestrial but it will be a good swimmer" , a problem that big dinos have is that small dinos get stuck between their feet, so this dino could have a stomp which causes damage in the area and pushes its enemies. This dino will be a Gigachad which likes to be alone, so unlike other dinos that have both male and female buffs, this dino will have a boost in stats when alone. His taming will be aggressive / passive, since you will have to leave him at a very low percentage of life and then approach him to give him vegetables (each Deinocheirus will ask for a different vegetable.) https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deinocheirus_mirificus - Estoy cansado que los dinosaurios que dominan ARK, sean carnivoros, (con esepcion del therizo), me gustaria un dino herbívoro "Deinocheirus" el cual pueda hacerle frente a los grandes depredadores, el Deinocheirus es una criatura que se pueda curar con vegetales,(los pasteles curan vida, pero se quedan bastante atras contra dinos que se curan tan solo con carne), este tendra un buen kit de habilidades para el pvp, aislamiento termico (ya que tiene plumas), aumento en sus estadisticas al estar en el agua "es terrestre pero sera un buen nadador", un problema que tienen los dinos grandes es que se le atoren dinos pequeños entre los pies, asi que este dino podria tener un pisoton el cual produsca daño en area y empuje a sus enemigos. Este dino sera un Gigachad el cual le gusta estar solo, asi que a diferencia de otros dinos que tienen beneficios de macho y hembra, este dino tendra un aumento en sus estadisticas cuando esta solo. Su tameo sera agresivo / pasivo, ya que tendras que dejarlo a un porcentaje de vida muy bajo y luego acercase para darle verduras (cada Deinocheirus pedira una verdura distinta.)
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