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  1. no, but now you have me quite intrigued... how do I set up S+ font variants? The font I was using was not a Wildcard font, but this custom one referenced on reddit. If you provide me a link to one designed for S+ I'd be more than happy to give it a whirl.
  2. the pics are part of the vanilla homestead stuff that was added recently. the Character junk that appears in that screenshotr is a result of a global font set; with the default font they show the actual number of units in the storage (e.g. 10.5 stacks of metal ingots would show a number of 2100).
  3. Has anyone else noticed when using the global font sets (just google it; there's a big font set that's been around since 2016), the numerical values on tek dedicated storage gets all messed up? My guess is it's a new "font" in the pack that's not covered by the 2016 font pack, so it doesn't know how to render it. Anyone else know of other font packs I could try that also have kanji/cryllic/other non-arabic fonts that I could give a shot, which have also been updated semi-recently? EDIT: added a screen shot as an example:
  4. I think the point is that WC has determined that the excessive structures via pillaring are causing server lag issues, which none of us are in a great position to confirm/deny. However, the sentiment's all the same, in that pillaring is a natural response to several other issues which need to be addressed at the same time (building on strategic resources, griefing via structure proximity, overpopulation of sections of map due to spawn zones, etc)
  5. In the worst case, it also means that those pillars which protect areas which should be (arguably) unbuildable in the first place are now unmaintainable. Case and point, I've had to pillar off a great deal of charge nodes on our aberration server to prevent unresponsive tribes from completely enclosing all the easily available charge nodes. It would be nice if you could at least fix problematic situations like that prior to wiping out those protective structures! (PS @lilpanda on an unrelated note, ping's been great on PVE NA Ab 380 since you took a look at it. Thanks for all the help!)
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