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  1. Server was ran on my "friends" xbox and he doesn't want to have the server running anymore so it has been shutdown sadly. I apologize for this inconvenience.
  2. Hopefully they add something to optimize dedicated servers for xbox!
  3. It's the games stability with primitive plus wish we could do something to fix it but sadly we can't
  4. Okay dokey looking forward to seeing you on the server!
  5. Common error lmao don't feel bad you aren't the first!
  6. Please do as the instructions say to save a hassle for me and add the hosting account please!
  7. It does but a lot of us that play are older and have jobs so we cant be on a lot for long times cause of life. To beat this problem we put taming higher instead of us having to get kibble and all it just makes it easier for us.
  8. SERVER WAS RELAUNCHED WITH A FRESH WIPE 12:00 PM EST ON 1/18/2018 ✶ WELCOME TO DRAGON STONE ISLAND ROLEPLAY SERVER ✶ We have recently started up a brand new Role Play server on The Center with the mod Primitive Plus and now are looking for new players. The server is currently hosted by so the server is a 24/7. There is only one admin that doesn't spawn stuff in that could give other players an advantage in pvp, unless it's an event reward. Admins do not raid so I except that admin structures are to not be vandalized. We are currently not looking for another admin, so please do not ask. Currently we are in the process of coming up with and building new community events that tribes can participate in to earn prizes. Event prizes range from high tier items to Scorched Earth to Aberration. During events there will be no PvP in or around the event area unless stated otherwise. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✶RULES✶ DO NOT ASK FOR ADMIN IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PVP SERVER THEN DON'T JOIN AT ALL. We are a mostly friendly server with aspects of pvp, so if you want to be a psycho pvp player YOU WILL BE BANNED. NO TAMING BRONTOS, FLYERS, ALLOSAURUS, CARNOTAURUS, DIPLODOCUS, GIGANOTOSAURUS, MEGALOSAURUS, REX, SPINOSAUR, THERIZINO, THYLACOLEO, TITANOSAUR, AND YUTYRANNUS. To double check in game to see if its banned is to see if you cant learn the engram. There is no starter packs at the current time. We play by the value of life rules meaning not everything is solved by violence. Caging is allowed No building on skull island No disobeying event rules. No PvP while at events unless stated otherwise. No spamming chat. If you get raided, please notify the admin. YOU MUST HAVE A REASON TO ATTACK PEOPLE! We have kings on the server that are called "Jarl". Jarls are the owners of regions such as North Jungle. Jarls can tax anyone on their land. To become a Jarl you must have at least 5 people in your tribe! Message New York Vibes to apply to be one when you meet requirements. To see the regions go to the bottom! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✶EVENTS SO FAR✶ Dodo fights every Friday! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✶FUTURE EVENTS✶ Chariot races Arena tournaments Pirate ship battles 1v1 Gun Duels Parachute Drop battles Animal Scavenger Hunt Castle Raids ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✶RATES✶ Health - 1.5x Stamina - 2.5x Weight - 5x Melee - 1.5x Movement Speed - 2.5x Oxygen - 1x Fortitude - 5x Dino Taming - 25x Dino Breeding - 25x Dino Hatching - 25x Dino Maturation - 25x Harvesting - 10x XP - 10x Dino Weight - 6x Dino Health - 1.5x Dino Melee - 1.5x Dino Speed - 1.5x Plant Growth - 5x ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✶HOW TO JOIN✶ Search on Unofficial PC Severs Dragon Stone Island Admin gamertag New York Vibes ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✬This Week's Sales✬ Updates every weekend Werewolf Mask Skin - 50 Sauropod Vertabrae Manticore Helmet Skin - 300 Shark Teeth Trike Bone Helmet Skin - 50 Rhino Horns Desert Cloth Shirt - 150 Argy Talons Desert Cloth Pants - 100 Argy Talons Wyvern Gloves Skin - 75 Rhino Horns REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED, POST DOWN BELOW IF YOU HAVE ONE __________________________________________________________________ ✶SERVER MAP✶ Region 1 - Open Region 2 - Open Region 3 - Open Region 4 - Open Region 5 - Open Region 6 - Open Region 7 - Open Region 8 - Open The Center - Admin Property If anyone one can make a better more cleaner version of the map please let me know!