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  1. Having same issue on our unofficial cluster. Tried everything, character stuck on Ragnarok..tried all the above and it’s happened to about 20-30 people on there too. Wildcard need to pull there fingers out
  2. Bred 4 rexes on official pve server, lvls 278 and one was mutated blue. Spent hours hand feeding. Passed time by building structures for a snow biome outpost so i could tame a 150 dire wolf for pelt funs. Also managed to tame a 150 Daeodon...those things seem to be abit buggy atm?
  3. Daeodon-Chris P Bacon Castoroides- Steroids (due to its carry weight being over 1,000)
  4. You'll get there dude! Definitely not easy for mutations and sometimes very frustrating! But it will happen and you may get more than one mutation on same dino!
  5. Thanks man! Trying to get a black spino with red fin next ?
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