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  1. And with all this guessing Extinction is not making it in March 2018 then? Complete silence on the DLC front.
  2. Can we launch this on PC\XBOX dedicated servers?
  3. Well personally I hope they launch it very, very soon. After what seems an eternity XBOX can finally rent a server and host it - catch of course being a 30% increase in costs to host over the PC & PS4 counterparts. With this in mind WC really should launch Aberration prior to PC to XBOX launch on 25th October 2017, as servers are a little more costly and not everyone has the season pass it would grant players with limited funds options to decided what map to actually launch on their rental. We have only had Ragnarok since the beginning of the month so switching maps right now may not be e
  4. Working away - passing the time until I can return to the ARK (UnsulliedAdmin Server) to continue The Centre build

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