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  1. Hey Chris, I'm having another issue that isn't related to this forum page. It's about Aberration would you mind if I shot a quick email or something just to ask if this was intended or not?
  2. Darn x.x well thank you guys so much for looking into it for me. Loving Aberration by the way, praises to you and the teams for such great work.
  3. I've sent you the email a few days ago, hopefully you got it. Tried again today just to see and still being told "There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination."
  4. Am sadly still unable to order it as the system doesn't allow an FPO shipping option for overseas military.
  5. I know you guys are working on international shipping options, are you guys looking at any potential to ship to overseas military? Just curious if I should be on the lookout in the future.
  6. I second this FedEx Shipping idea. Unable to get this with UPS and it really sucks to miss out on this due to living at an FPO address.
  7. I live on a military base in Japan, sadly it doesn't seem the system to order recognizes an FPO address. Looks like I won't be able to even try and get this even though our mailing address is considered a US address.
  8. I understand stuff happens and things sometimes can't get done, such is life. The only thing that really bothers me, and this is a reoccurring theme with the latest patches, is the lack of communication. A day before, the early morning of even is fine, but to be told in a post that comes out with the release that basically states 'sorry stuff happened', that's a little in poor taste for communication. I've enjoyed Ark and still do, but I have noticed that the communication part has started to crumble quite drastically. If the things that missed patch eventually get to come out (hopefully for b
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