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  1. legendaryc4

    Community Crunch 161: Winter Wonderland 2018!

    Please make it on consoles where flyers can be stopped mid air by pulling the left joystick back like a plane!!! @Jen
  2. Please don't forget to add the ARK Digest items you guys promised in the past such as( Console Flyer Brake, shoulder tame cages, new instruments, titanosaur trophy, etc). @Jatheish @Jen
  3. legendaryc4

    What's Next: Structures Plus & Kibble Rework

    Yea make sure unofficial has all the S+ features tho like the breeder, Gardner, egg machine, etc.
  4. legendaryc4

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    First off give us a damn Halloween event. You guys suck at that!! Second you promised a kibble rework. Get that poop in here now. Thanks. That is all.
  5. legendaryc4

    Console flyer break

    Google ark Digest 48 and look for my question. You'll find it there my friend.
  6. legendaryc4

    Console flyer break

    So Jeremy actually addressed this in a Ark Digest. I asked him to add that ability usung the left stick to pull it back so a flyer could stop mid flight and he Said would add it last summer when I asked.
  7. legendaryc4

    ARK: State of the Game

    Hey Arkers. I wanted to reach out to @Jat and @Jeremy Stieglitz about the current situation regarding the hardcore legacy servers on all platforms, but particularly servers on xbox as this is my main platform I play on. The main issue with most if not all hardcore servers is that the population is low. Most servers have under 10 people playing at all times unless you are on Servers 100 or 826 where my tribe and our alpha alliance tribes keep the peace and let newbies build. The thing is if new clusters come out for the hardcore mode from a business stand point it doesnt seem logical to have new servers because most servers are quite dead amd there are barely any other alphas[due to our alliance]. The Hardcore Community is a very tightly meshed community where all the trolls know eachother and most good tribes know eachother. If new a new cluster was to come out it would divide the community My server on the weekends is mostly at 20 pop while others are at 5 to 10 pop. It took me and my tribe 7 months to get a pop of 10 to top out at 40. Of cousre it dropped once server trolls offlined the smaller tribes but its getting back up due to us trading and helping out new tribes. If wildcard makes a move on the hardcore servers my best advice would be to reduce the number of island servers and reduce the scorched earth servers to 2. There a total of 17 hardcore servers for xbox 1 being a center map and 4 being scorched earth. Scorched is super dead and most island servers as well. If i were wildcard i would reduce the number to 2 scorched maps 4 islands and 1 each of the center and ragnarok. This would bring the community back and the population of hardcore in one move. Also noobs could still come and enjoy hardcore if they like all they have to do is join 826 or 100 where the alphas are friendly and there are plenty of ooen spaces to build nice bases. Anyways thats my 2 cents. I hope wildcard makes the right move for this particular ark mode as we are the true survivalists. Thanks Jat btw for the post you said you will make about this topic this week. C4 over and out.
  8. legendaryc4

    Swamp cave changes.... what a joke.....

    I ran it aftee the update and took a bunch of prim scuba frog carno and brews. It me hours to beat on hardcore. Thank god i to lvl 100 in the cave before this update lol
  9. legendaryc4

    Swamp cave changes.... what a joke.....

    How sets of scuva are u taking in and what buffs like soups are u taking?
  10. legendaryc4

    Whatever happened to dynamic length bridges?

    they are more than likely working on these things and incorporating them in the next patch notes
  11. legendaryc4


    Great app guys anyone should join this
  12. legendaryc4


    I joined thanks for making this
  13. legendaryc4

    ARK: Survival Evolved Stomps onto the PlayStation 4!

    Dude wildcard if you don't give xbox these skins imma be pissed after we have done all this work to provide you with feedback to make this possible for the ps4. We better get a skin pack by the first of the new year.!!!!! Even pc can get those. Only thing we can't get is the hunter hat and parasaur saddle skin. Rex skin doesn't do it for me nor does a silly looking survivors hat.
  14. legendaryc4

    ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    I was gunna buy a six pack of Sam Adam's pumpkin beer and pick some pumpkin patches. Go gather some tombstones and scarecrows. I was gunna kill some skelesaurs. Had planned to summon on the masks and kill the dodo rex and maybe the dodo wyvern but nope. Got pooped on by a titanosaur