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  1. Well sadly with queryport=8080, i can't even see my server on local network so i guess i have to call my isp to see why they are blocking the ports
  2. no at home , with a box/router from my internet provider
  3. well there is Something with the router but don't know what, cause when everything is down (firewalls ect) when I go to this site http://www.canyouseeme.org/, it don't see my computer on ports 7777, 27015 ect but it does on port 80, 8080 for example
  4. @kromwell I have ?brawsocket in the command line too, so you suggest to remove it and forward 50 ports?
  5. also i try with a dmz and with the router firewall deactivated it don't work
  6. thank u for your interest well on my router port 27015, 27016; 7777 7778 7779 7780 are redirected both tcp and udp to the computer with a fixed IP rules are made on Windows firewall too and i can "customize " my router's firewall but that ask me for thing i don't know like the kind of protocol it is , i don't know if steam is http or ftp or Something else and also the incoming ip and sub mask and destination ip and mask, i know what all this is but i don't know what to fill with I never had to do anything but redirecting ports to get access to my computer ,I often do remote access from outside the network, and opening port what enough !
  7. maybe you add Something or don't have Something on your command line
  8. agreed but i can't see what's blocking as ports are redirected, rules have been made on Windows firewall and even with firewalls disabled it don't work moreover if they figure out to use transfer ark on a totally private network it would be nice
  9. this is for all the people having trouble with cluster on private network, an answer from support "Thanks a lot for clearing that one up. I think I'm getting the full gist of the issue at hand and it's something I'm going to have to contact our engineers about. I'll go ahead and try to figure out if there's anything that can be done for this matter at hand. I'll let you know what they say once they get back to me" so they are aware, let's hope they'll figure it out
  10. @kromwell just read this "The first post fails to mention you must use different ports, so ?QueryPort=xxxxx?Port=yyyy on each command line must be different. The ?Port setting, typically 7777, is a little tricky since you only list one but it uses the next port up as well, so it will use 7777 and 7778, so don't use 7778 for the second server. " my second server use port 7778, maybe that's why it does'nt work will try to change it edit : well even with port 7779 it does not change
  11. I tried with both firewall down, i'm tired of this will try later thx
  12. nope ! what i don't understand is they are seen by steam so it's not firewall or Something else related!
  13. i will also disable the firewall of my router and also open the ports in IPV6 to see
  14. I did reinstall the main game and the mods then copy the mods to the server folder the ports are forwarded both 7778 and 27016 tcp and upd even with firewall disabled it don't work i'll give a try without mods edit : not working either without mods !
  15. well still don't work after a full re-install, will try to change the ports from 27016 to 27030
  16. that's what I did with no success I uninstall the game and reinstall everyhting, we'll see thanks
  17. @kromwell I tried to reach my scorched server thru unofficial, unfortunatly I have this message "unable to query info for server invite" all ports are correctly open, redirections are made on the router... so i don't understand what's going on
  18. very weird, because , on the same computer, 2 servers + the main game don't fill my 16gb ram maybe you should check your files or uninstall-reinstall
  19. why don't you make a backup of your "savedark" ?? before attempting the transfer I do it everytime i do Something unusual, so I can go back in case it goes wrong Nothing to complain about, it's alpha game everyone can be cautious
  20. yes indeed I have 2 computers 1 with the servers and my client another my son's computer seems you have found whats wrong ! same network is causing the issue !
  21. so if I do understand what is said on this video, thre is an issue that prevent to see your cluster and you have to move your arkprofile, ok good to know we are fighting with this since the beginning
  22. maybe, but all computers have dedicated IP, i have made all port forwarding on the router ect but a least I know it might not be a problem with server and client on the same computer i'll wait for support to answer my request ...
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