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  1. Lame Wolf's Submissions to ARK Video LACKLUSTER HAUNTING A very not scary ghost haunts a guy. See how it goes!
  2. So, I made a PG ARK I was happy with in singleplayer, copied the settings from my game.ini and put them into the game.ini for the dedicated server I run and started it up, but the PG map was completely different. Now, even after deleting those PG settings and copying in new ones and changing the path name to "YourPGARK2" or whatever, I can't seem to get the server to change to the new settings. It just keeps reverting back to the old settings. Anybody have any wisdom that can help me here?
  3. Thanks a lot for the runner up placement, you guys! We're very happy to be featured. You can expect more submissions from us
  4. Really nice to see some more depth to the story coming into the game. I know The Center did a really good job in regards to ruins, so I'm looking forward to these ones!
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