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  1. FOUND IT! Thanks! This thread can be closed, no further answers needed. Thanks to you all, great spirit! Stay safe and healthy.
  2. Thanks! That gives me hope! I am playing on a PVE server, on a PC. I however do not see any system platforms in this forum, only map-related forums, General Discussion, Bug Reports, and such.
  3. Any Sub Forum for Egg and Animal Trades? Hi evolved community of brave and not so brave survivors, I posted many times here in this forum, but still cannot find any sub forum that deals with trades between players of their fertilized eggs or tamed animals. Any link available in case i missed to discover such a sub forum? Thanks.
  4. Map Suggestions Hi Wildcard team, I have some very special and unusual ideas for some new maps, unlike any ones before. But i do not want to publish these ideas here, is there a way for direct communications?
  5. SUGGESTION: Mini Games In the timers of the dark, the raw, the primitive, in the days of survival, it would be so great to have mini games to bring a glimpse of civilization! I suggest to add mini games to Ark. Those are small structures, like a pool billiard, table tennis, table soccer, mini golf, and such things. Can be placed inside the own bases. Allows for extra fun for the own tribe or even for invited allies! New competitions. New attractions.
  6. I did create a ticket, but this is ticket # 19, i never got any response to any of my other tickets (that were about other bugs). To my experience, the "support" never answers to tickets, there is only one and the same automated answer to all tickets whatever they are about.
  7. Spinosaur: Update to Latest research new research indicates that the spinosaur had not only a sail on its back, but also its tail was like a long fin as it was swimming and diving with the help of the tail. I simply suggest to update the Ark model. See it here - amazing video and scientific report: https://www.sciencealert.com/dinosaurs-could-swim-startling-spinosaurus-discovery-in-sahara-desert-suggests
  8. Add New parts: MINI GAMES Add a small variety of mini games to the Ark gameplay. Golf, Table Tennis, Darts, Pool Billard, etc. These mini games might be an interesting option for PVP and PVE players to add small amounts of experience in a way that is relaxing and fun. Imagine a base where there is a table for table tennis. Two players can play against each other and have fun inmidst of all the daily survival stress. A bit of regained civilization. These mini games would even allow competitions among the Ark players, bringing together and uniting people from all over the world! Specta
  9. Add a new part to the game: ROTORS. Wood, Stone, Metal, Tek. They can be placed onto surfaces of each angle (horizontally and vertically), and accept structures to be added to them. They can be controlled with a remote control. Those rotors can function as hinges and so allow more customized gate-doors or doors, and other things. They can spin just 90°, or full 360°, even endlessly, by configuration. Speed of rotation also configurable (in steps of 10%). Having a part like this in the game, I expect a big influence into seen bases. I expect a boost of creativity in what bases can
  10. QUESTION: Server Crash Kileld Baby / How To Ask For Replacemernt Hi, I am playing on the "OC Official PVE The Island 207" server, and almost daily, the server crashes and goes down without warning, sometimes for 30 minutes and sometimes for up to 4 hours. When the server is up, there is a roll-back of around 5 minutes. But the server-crash of Friday before 5PM Jamaican time (GMT-6h) caused me one of my valuable high-level therizinosaur babies that are raised for dragon boss fights, to die. The roll-back put the game (now me not ingame) to be at a point when i just had uncryoed
  11. Wooden signs? Not smart. They are too obvious signs. If you do PVP, you want something only your tribe members would know what to look for.
  12. Okay, thanks. I have a better understanding now. But that is not what the tribes would need, Example crop pots: all the berry pants look the same. I want a permanent marker to know, what color of berry each plant gives, because our tribe mixes paints very frequently. If we could see for 12 minutes only, what color of berries that particular plant has, it would make no sense. We would need a tribe member to be permanently stationed at our crop plots to add new sticks each 12 minutes. Or another example: our foraging tribe members want to mark the safest route trough enemy territory. Placi
  13. No. The glowing would betray their position to enemies when placed on the ground. IF they can be placed on ground or on structures, not even sure about that. I prefer paintable pebbles/stones, or small branches from trees that (when implemented) can be found around trees, or even wooden sticks carved from wood.
  14. Not necessarily true. There are games, comparable games, that use voxels.
  15. MATING or EXCHANGE: Fully White Tapejara MATING or EXCHANGE: Fully White Tapejara Is here anyone who has a fully white tapejara? Or light-gray? I have a male off-white tapejara male, and would want mating (the resulting egg(s) or an exchange of the animals. I am on the OC PVE Official Scorched Earth 98 server. Thanks.
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