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  1. Okay, thanks. I have a better understanding now. But that is not what the tribes would need, Example crop pots: all the berry pants look the same. I want a permanent marker to know, what color of berry each plant gives, because our tribe mixes paints very frequently. If we could see for 12 minutes only, what color of berries that particular plant has, it would make no sense. We would need a tribe member to be permanently stationed at our crop plots to add new sticks each 12 minutes. Or another example: our foraging tribe members want to mark the safest route trough enemy territory. Placing painted pebbles here and there would help to mark permanently the safest route. But if they disappear after 12 minutes, or if they are giving light in the night and can be seen by hostile folks, it would nil the purpose. And one more example: I want to leave a message for another tribe member that is currently offgame, and our tribeuses color codes for messages. If the "message" disappears after 12 minutes, before the other tribe member/s) come ingame, the messaging has failed. That is, why we need paintable pebbles, carved wood sticks or fallen tree branches as a new feature.
  2. No. The glowing would betray their position to enemies when placed on the ground. IF they can be placed on ground or on structures, not even sure about that. I prefer paintable pebbles/stones, or small branches from trees that (when implemented) can be found around trees, or even wooden sticks carved from wood.
  3. Not necessarily true. There are games, comparable games, that use voxels.
  4. MATING or EXCHANGE: Fully White Tapejara MATING or EXCHANGE: Fully White Tapejara Is here anyone who has a fully white tapejara? Or light-gray? I have a male off-white tapejara male, and would want mating (the resulting egg(s) or an exchange of the animals. I am on the OC PVE Official Scorched Earth 98 server. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the answers, great community here.
  6. Biggest Rafts! Show here photos or videos of your biggest rafts! The riverboat "NOT FOR HIRE", one of the biggest ships in the Ark Universe.
  7. Marker Stones /Sticks Would be good to have some sort of stones or pebbles that can be painted and then placed on any surface, as markers. Could be paintable sticks, too. Can be used to mark areas or paths in hostile territory, or to mark which plants grow inside a crop plot, or even used as messaging system for insiders.
  8. Please VOTE for this long-overdue feature. And please SHARE it and make others JOIN this request. So important! Big thanks!
  9. My children have a big problem with killing. For some strange reason, they seem to love animals, in the real world and also inside Ark. One of them wept bitterly when I wanted to murder the animal. Then I asked my young daughter to kill the animal by herself, but she just started to weep. I think, it is mental torture for our younger players. There should really be an option to release them to the wild (with normalized, averaged attributes) or to transfer them to a selected map that is on the computer but not any server, a one-way transfer.
  10. LONG OVERDUE: Dyes of ALL Colors! Since such a long time we're waiting and longing for that: to be able to generate dyes of all the colors! All colors? See here! https://ark.gamepedia.com/Color_IDs We players could so so much better the paint jobs of structures and animals, if we wouldn't be limited so incredibly much with a tiny amount of color shades available as dye. Please, PLEASE, give us dye for all the colors! Also, on a side note, the dye in Ark does often enough not even colorize the underground well enough. Too often it is more like a translucent layer and hardly the desired color we intended. And metal structures, due to their reflection or mirror attributes, are way too dark after paint has been applied. All that needs to be improved, as any paint on metal would override the metalic attributes and would replace them with a plain flat or glossy surface.
  11. P A I N T A B L E M A R K E R P E B B L E S / S T O N E S It would be very useful to have a new natural item in Ark: the paintable pebble or stone. USAGE secret or obvious marker for player or tribe mates or alliance mates, decoration inside bases and in the wild NATURAL COLOR white ATTRIBUTES - can be found in rivers or around them - size: like a regular stone, sizes can still vary a bit - can be picked up - can be placed anywhere - inclusive tables, crop plots, ceilings, etc. - can be placed very close to each other if so desired - can be painted - accepts all colors well - can be destroyed (yields 1 regular stone then) - can be thrown to cause small damage where it impacts, or for fun ("who can throw farther away" games or "hit it" games) - no specific skill required EXAMPLE SCENARIO 1 The player dives into the river to collect a small number of those pebbles. back in the base, the player applies forest green dye to them. Then he goes away from his base, and uses these dark green pebbles to mark the path to a cave or to some important location. Hostile players have a hard time to discover those dark green painted pebbles, but the player and his tribe mates, knowing what to look for, have an easier time now to follow the right path. 2 A player can use pebbles of different colors as message, based on the order and amount of pebbles of a specific color. SCULPTURE SKILL For those who like arts, there could be a related, new skill: Sculpturing. To make a stone sculpture, one of the proposed pebbles is required, and a sculpturing tool. having this skill, the player can now shape different figures out of that pebble. It could become a small statue of the player, or the pebble could become a statue of one of the animals seen by the player, or one of a few abstract figures or shapes. All just in the same small height like the pebble. But again, pebbles come in different sizes. And like pebbles, the resulting tiny figures can also be painted in one color and be placed anywhere. - - - Hey people, I put a lot of work and thoughts into this proposal. Please support it with your vote, that would be nice. - - -
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