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  1. Environment x Infrastructure First of all, my deep and sincere congratulation and thanks for developing a game so beautiful and interesting as Ark. I like the prehistoric aspects of it. Not so much those fantasy creatures like "bosses" or robots in animal shape. The following suggestions are a summary of what I feel would be wise and good to add to the game or to change, after I played Ark for over three years now. Suggestions 01 - Rain: Weather Seasons Like in real life, there should be "seasons": days and even a week full of rain and grayish weather. No sunshine, or just for brief moments. 02 - Rain: Slippery Slopes During Rain Like in real life, the ground gets soft and slippery during rain and shortly afterwards. When being on slopes (mountains or hills), there should be moments of uncontrolled sliding: sometimes just a few centimeters, sometimes longer and with the potential risk of gliding over an edge and then falling down. There should also be accidents like just slipping and falling onto the ground, no real injuries here. 03 - Rain: Health Risks Being for too long at a time in the rain, or a lack of having been enough brief times in the rain to train the immune system, should increase the risk of bronchitis. 04 - Rain: Rain Gear Out of polymer, oil and hide (or other resources), there could be the option to create rain gear (shoes, pants, shirt or rain anorak, rain hood, gloves). Being fully protected, continuous rain or a non-trained immune system cannot cause bronchitis during rain. 05 - Storms Like in real life, we want to have hurricanes, thunder storms with flashes that can hit high-flying beings (wild animals, humans on tamed animals) or things that are above ground (tall trees, buildings, animals or humans on a wide opening of the forest or on top of mountains). Hurricanes can lift up unprotected (without roof above the head) humans and animals (tamed or wild), transport them in low or high attitude over short or long distances, and have them falling down from a few meters or from kilometers above ground at the end of their "journey" on land or over waters, hurting or killing them. Hurricanes also hurt thatch buildings a lot, and wooden buildings to some extend. Stone and metal buildings are not affected. Glass has slight damage, like wood. 06 - Storms: Defense Like in real life, tall metallic player-erected lightning rod can protect buildings or openings in the forest. They can be mounted on buildings or on the ground (soil, rock), but not on flying animals. 07 - Waves Waves should be increasingly higher with increasing distance to the coast. 08 - Waves. Raft Movement Currently, all rafts on the water go up and down in a synchronized way: all go up at the same time, and all go down at the same time. but that is not only unrealistic, but also looks poor in the game. Each raft should have its own times when "the waves move it up and down", this could technically (programming) be done probably based on when it was launched into water. And you will see: a scenery ingame with some rafts beside each other will now look much more interesting! And it will be more realistic. it also might spice up how to walk from one raft onto the next one, maybe. 09 - Waves: Danger for Rafts Higher waves should threaten rafts to capsize IF certain conditions are met: raft width or length (including mounted foundations) is too narrow in relation to raft height. Before a raft capsizes fully, there are indications, and players can decide not to take the risk and leave the high-waves zone. Capsized rafts will slowly start to sink, soon after, so the player has to hurry to salvage whatever is to be salvaged, if (s)he can. This capsize-feature will see a new way of how to build rafts for those who intend to explore or attack further away from the coast. Storms also make waves higher, though only temporary. 10 - Berries: Identical Plants Reporting a glitch: at the moment, the plants that produce the five different berries, look all the same when farming on crop plots. This needs to be corrected, we want to see different plant shapes. 11 - Berries & Co: Variety Please add thousands of new berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and other natural resources to the game, but keep them undocumented. Let players have to find out by themselves what they are, where they grow, how to harvest them, if they have any culinary or other use or cause some sorts of problems now or later, and if and how they can be combined. Even if many of those natural resources can be used for concoctions (potions), some might not do anything, some others might harm, some others might have to be mixed with other potions, some might have unexpected (maybe even funny or threatening)effects, and so on. A potion might even make the drinking person hallucinating things around him or her, or seeing himself/herself as something different (a living flame? a dangerous monster or animal?) and if they act like this, reality (damage though automated bad action without gamer's control) will soon get them back to reality! All those new resources should be on the ground, growing in caves, on trees (fruits or mushrooms on the stem), or under water (algae types, other aquatic plants). 12 - Aquarium Crop Plot To farm aquatic plants, there could be an aquarium that serves as crop plot for water plants. 13 - Dye Colors With help of all these new berries and fruits, it finally should be possible to mix dye of many more colors, we're longing for more, MANY MORE, colors! 14 - Dye: Paint Effects With help of additional ingredients, like some powderized minerals or rock types, dye paint can attain special attributes: metallic, glossy, flat, mirrorish, 50% translucent, and so on. 15 - Maps: Involve Voxel Areas To open up many more game-play options, many areas of the regular maps should be replaced with voxel regions. A terrain made of voxels, allows the player8s) to make changes to that area: digging hide-out holes, hidden storage holes, digging caves, doing underground mining, and so on. Those areas should be randomly distributed over the map, be of different sizes, depth, and shape, and even of different material (hard rock, clay soil, soft soil, etc.). Some resources can be found underground in such areas, too. 16 - Voxels: Cave Dangers Dependent on material of the voxel area (rock, soil, sand, etc.), some larger dig-outs might need wooden or stone beams to stabilize them, to prevent them to bury the player alive or killing the player. Continuous rain over several days can increase the risk of flooding of lower cave areas. 17 - Voxels: Don't Dig Too Deep If you dig unintentionally too deep, you will hit one of the ground water adders. Could be beneficial, but could also cause the lower areas of your cave to be flooded. So look out for the indicators that you're nearing one of those water adders, like moist glossy rock with occasional falling water drops. Also avoid getting too close to the ocean or rivers, same indicators, same risks. 18 - Game Crash in Mid-Air: Why Always Dead - SERIOUS / IMPORTANT When a game crashes while the player is flying on an animal, too often the player finds himself/herself dead upon restart of the game or the computer. Why? The game needs to have code implemented that protects an offline player from harm, not to make him/her suddenly falling from the animal's back like he had pressed the key-binding to leave the animal's back. I suggest, in case of a game crash or Internet disconnection, the gamer and his animal should remain motionless "sleeping" in the air, not to make them falling down. After all, gamers are "sleeping" and cannot be harmed when being offline on the ground. Why not mid-air? 19 - More Fashion Wanted Please add many more hairstyles, also including many of the ethnic hair-styles. Also wanted: Hawaii shirts and shorts and sandals and straw hat ("the 1960s US Hawaii tourist who found himself suddenly in the distant past"). 20 - New Animal Behavior Command: Attack until Own Health Level at 25-50-75% Such a command would allow tamed animals to attack a target and continue, until the tamed animal has reached an own damage level that makes it fleeing or keeping safe distance. 21 - New Animal Behavior Command: Added Safespot There should be a command that defines a "safespot" to an animal, and when fleeing or the gamer gets suddenly offline and a certain time has past since that, the animal would reach to that safesport and wait there. The player can also make the animal moving to that pre-defined safesport with a direct command. 22 - Pets on the Run It happens, that tamed animals get missing despite closed doors and closed windows (support ticket 1312177 ). As there is already a GPS ingame, there should be a related item that can be crafted. a GPS neckless that can be worn by animals, this way allowing the owner to always being able to pinpoint their locations on the map or some special pet map (required for the pet GPS necklace to have), and find them 23 - Triangular Ceiling: Hatchframe I believe, a hatchframe opening can fit into a triangular ceiling. And it would be useful, too. It's time that triangular ceilings share some of the same key attributes square ceilings offer. 24 - Triangular Ceilings: Snap Points Please add one more snap point to the pointed end of triangular ceilings. This would allow to use a pillar and on top of the pillar, with their pointed ends on the pillar's top, to build triangular ceilings in a circle (a hexagon).
  2. PROBLEM: Cannot Create Mud Dye PROBLEM: Cannot Create Mud Dye. When trying, with the right amount of berries for 4x mud dye and the orange spark powder and water and four water bottles, suddenly all water bottles get empty at one, and instead of mud dye I get three or four other dye colors. Again, I gave many more berries of each kind than needed. Same with spark powder. I tried with wood and with thatch for the fire. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. Air-borne distance view. You can see here the "cage" I constructed underwater - it protects from the Leechtsichthys without the need of ugly forcefields during construction.
  4. Stonehenge? No, this is the begin of my work on the second dome.
  5. Eventually, I will go for a round of swimming - without danger! Style matters.
  6. The NOT FOR HIRE will be a great base for further excursions.
  7. One day I heard some strange deep sounds, and did not know what it was. They came from below. I dived, and was badly surprised to find out, that the ship was in the territory of a Leechtsichthys. Even worse, there was some damage to the raft! I had to act right away, establishing protection against any Leechtsichthys or other future danger from the depths. Due the size of the huge raft, at the moment I need six forcefields to protect the entire ship.
  8. Making sure that the time on board of the NOT FOR HIRE will be enjoyable.
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