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  1. Sounds fun but still miss the first X-Mas event
  2. I found it still funny that you are able to make the 1st and 2nd place on the same category...
  3. Everyone started Small, keep the work going and try to be better every week.
  4. The Super Ark Picture is awesome @ Wolf Angelus try to go back to roods and only build awesome with vanailla structures (you work is very nice)
  5. you know my Map was in the first Contest too ... and i was under the last 10 too...
  6. Hey i feel the same ! My Map was in the Votes on place 4 and now im not even under the top 6 ... I worked for around a half year every day on this map and nothing... The map hav not a single empty space with no foliage and every dino on it + the arenas... So i think i know how you feel .... i can tell you what others tell me ! You dont make the Mods for the Devs ... you make the mods for the community and they love your mod !
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