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  1. I suspect all passive tames aren't affected at the moment. I tamed a roll rat the other day to see and it took twice as much as it should aka, it's still on the previous rates.
  2. I'm a little scared to know what the original shipping price was... I guess I'm to that horrible place to buy one with the game which turns out to be cheaper... May as well sell the game disc too to recoup a little back too...
  3. @Jatheish instead of focusing on reading some announcement could you please check this out: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/252329-server-93-down/ Our server has been offline for 24+hours now, multiple reports already done and tags on the forums and we've heard nothing. This happens on a regular basis with this server, I don't understand why you guys don't have a notification system telling you that your server has been down for extended periods. Battle metrics can do it and they don't have direct access to them!
  4. Let's not take my post out of context please. The part you quoted was in relation to the PVE servers they will give to these other modes when they aren't required.
  5. I should have elaborated. The legacy servers will be full of cheaters and hackers (within Battleeye's software) purely because no reports will be acted on. I can tell you now that there's at least 200 people that were looking forward to the new prim servers that are pretty peeved at this decision as we all know they will give Prim+ PVE servers again... and they will give non-tek PVE servers again... both of which are a complete waste of resources. They'd be better making them full vanilla PVE. Basically the majority of those prim boys and girls are going to come to non-prim now and comple
  6. Well since legacy is getting no support from here on out, you mean Ced does "Prim+" and that's it. I won't be waiting for anything, if they want to take a big + on our faces I'll chase down as many new players as I can on all the non-prim servers and wipe them, whether they are thatch or metal. This will be the next H1Z1
  7. Clearly never played prim before. Prim+ and Prim are extremely different. Prim is Vanilla with no guns (closest to a gun is the harpoon launcher, not sure why that's in there though...) Crossbow is the best projectile weapon you can get Swords pikes picks and hatchets etc Smithy forge and Xplants We don't have scuba guns cannon metal tier anything required in the fab etc. Prim+ is a MOD and a buggy one at that which iirc does have guns and cannons and some other building tiers. It has more content I would agree with that, but it doesn't offer
  8. Absolute joke. You shut down near all the prim servers, the moment you called "server segregation" and "server deletion" near on all our server which was top 500 on battle metrics had decided to move to new servers when they came. Almost everyone on prim decided on moving to the new servers because of how much it had been broken with exploits and bugs that plagued us. Now you're putting in place of it a version of the game that caters to the lazy. The only reason you wouldn't want lazors in your game mode but you want rocketz is because you're too lazy to work towards getting element or t
  9. Your update caused my tribe to loose a whole stash of blueprints. apparently your software doesn't save dead bodies when taking the server down. Please fix this and could we have these back? Or even the fishing rod that was used to obtain them
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