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  1. I'm a little scared to know what the original shipping price was... I guess I'm to that horrible place to buy one with the game which turns out to be cheaper... May as well sell the game disc too to recoup a little back too...
  2. Eggers room design

    Catwalks are great for Carbonemys, you can park them on their bellies and easy access to the eggs that way
  3. mindwipe questions

    I'd advise against using a mindwipe for now. Devs said they would mindwipe globally all players upon release of aberation to allow people to learn the new engrams. So just wait a few days for your free wipe
  4. Evolution event

    Because the message is likely automated when it detects a change in rates. It likely just adds 3 days and says thats when it ends. However the actual end is likely done by a human instead, as can be seen by the times it finishes late.
  5. Evolution event

    Likely just an auto generated message since it was later than usual it may have offset the auto generated date in the text. However the rates are done manually and the person responsible would have just ended based on usual schedule. Thats my guess anyways
  6. Crafting replicator - in a replicator

    You can also use underwater crates or cave crates...
  7. Crafting replicator - in a replicator

    The option appears... so i dont see why not
  8. Turret change discussion megathread

    I've read it all and please don't quote percentages. I know what 1 frame to 4 frames is percentage wise. I also know that when you're talking a complete bottleneck there's no point talking about percentage increases. Because if servers were running at 50fps do you think percentages would be quoted then? Also that increase in performance is worse case so again a pointless thing to even bring up. Lastly I wasn't agreeing or disagreeing with the change their doing so best not treat me like that , even if I was the attitude of "go play unofficial" is quite poor and pathetic of anyone to say. We're allowed our opinions and we're also allowed to call WC out on their misdirection or the lack of actual clarity. Turrets are not the major cause of lag, if you want to know the actual cause of the lag it's all these dumb rate increases they keep doing. They keep making it easier and easier for people to raid/build so they just do it at a massively increased rate. It all happens on an exponential rate. You increase all gathering by 2x for the base game in general. What does this do? Makes all dinos tame 2x faster, making it 2x easier, you can gather resources 2x faster making it 2x easier to get what you need to tame. You also get more levels out of what you tame, meaning better stats. Then they made breeding MUCH easier, on top of 2x what you could normall gather for food for the babies. Then you have the additions of tek troughs making it even easier. Then what happens during evo++ events? Everything breeds 2x faster, you get 1/2 the breeding timers. You get a further 2x the resources for keeping the babies fed. XP is further broken. You can easily now get 60 levels into a dino in about an hour because of these compounded rates. You can gather stone 2x faster, you get 2x the xp for doing it, you get 2x the xp from the grinder for it too. Add an evo event into that and it compounds further. Having multiple grinders is of little concern as well. The slowest thing of turrets these days is now bullet production, with waiting for the wood to cook, but again with all these rate increases most people just build a poop tonne of forges..
  9. Only way I've found to get them unstuck without demoing half your base is put them on follow to another dino nearby and eventually through the process of rendering in the base the dino will find its way out.
  10. Turret change discussion megathread

    @ciabattaroll & @Joebl0w13 that dougal guy has some valid points fyi, and the passive aggressive posts coming from moderators is of poor taste. Turrets may be a cause of lag on servers but they are definitely not the cause of lag on servers. An example you could look back at primitive servers before transferring items/dinos on to scorched was allowed. This meant no auto defense of any kind. The servers still lagged during peak times at 255 with constant rubber banding. How would @TheRightHand explain that one?
  11. New 'Heavy Turret' Incoming

    Honestly they need to make them armor piercing for them to be of any use. Or actually allowing us to target the player on a stego. Or stop people from using weapons on the back of a stego. Basically the devs brought extra turrets upon themselves. They allowed cross-server (so more people to defend against) - I actually like this mechanic imo They then upped the difficulty to 5 giving kibble tamed creatures at most another 44 levels that could be put into them. - ultimately making the game so easy They buffed the poop out of stegos They gave us mounted weapon systems - I like this, but it is also broken for some creatures They added a player created map that makes finding those crazy high stat dinos easier and faster - spawn rates of X level should be the same regardless of map With the increased difficulty came higher chances to find better saddle bps/armor bps All of these have made the need to a crazy amount of turrets a requirement. Lastly I'd like to add I highly doubt that turrets are the sole cause of player experienced lag. It's more like the software not being able to handle 70 people all downloading the same information at the same time and requiring more items/dinos to be rendered in. I know this because regardless of whether a megatribe is actually at the base attacking or setting up a fob, once that server is hitting limit the ping gets insane and you get crazy rubber banding. A start would be removing all the coel from the ocean. Add another fish that is client side only, no one really even bothers with those. They're just pointless cpu/ram takers...
  12. Hey @lilpanda a tribe mate of mine and myself were transferring to 99 without realising it was going down all the time. I didn't manage to spawn in, but he did, is he likely to lose his character (and his imprints along with it)?
  13. New 'Heavy Turret' Incoming

    Likely because as a tester you'll have a separate forum role and the permissions weren't set correctly.
  14. Hi Guys server 99 is currently down and has been for several days now, could this please be fixed? @Jatheish @lilpanda Thanks
  15. That's inaccurate, telling you now Yellow/Red drops. Best way to test all this out (which is what I do) is remove the engrams of all the items in game and just enable the ones you want to know what beacons/crates they drop in. Then spawn all the crates and beacons in, those that remain are the ones that can spawn your item(s).