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  1. Server 93 down

    @lilpanda it's still happening mate I really hope I don't lose my gear yet again + a valuable tame because of this again At this rate you guys need to start enabling ORP for tribes that haven't had people log on since a server dced or restarted to prevent these problems
  2. raw prime fish meat

    you should try the ocean some time man, them and the alpha raptors, it's insane how many you see, quite often I have to fight off 2 alpha megalodons at the same time. Also in the water caves you can quite often find alpha mosas well beyond lvl150 and they agro weird so pretty easy xp
  3. Alpha Leed no captain's hat

    it's like the fireworks skin or the sparkler skin, they are items that appear in the inventory
  4. Efficiency

    Totally agree, only said it would be efficient not smart
  5. raw prime fish meat

    The amount you get per kill verus per hour would be massive using crossbows, you're also forgetting the cost of repairing said cross bow but each to their own
  6. Ascendant saddles

    Best way to check this (I do it all the time) is uncheck all engrams except for the items you would like to find in official and then spawn in the crates, if they don't contain the item in their drop table they will despawn instantly - this can still happen so just spawn about 10+ to get a good idea to what gives you the item you're looking for.
  7. PIPES omg they suck

    Easy fix (however a large task): Change the blueprint of structures to include "watered" & "powered" If an intake is connected to a structure then the structure is considered to be "watered" and all other connected structures are also considered to be "watered" allowing you to attach any irrigation object to then have water flow into them, this means you could just place taps on to a foundation/ceiling/wall and it will have a solid water connection. Give the structures a 9 point snap reference (sides and centers). Also whilst we're add it could we please have the same "snap points" become a choice for when placing non-snapping objects like crop plots smithys boxes etc
  8. Efficiency

    Grinder can be placed on a quetz platform, so that could be a solution for you, however make sure you have it enclosed in a structure, possibly a window frame next to the anky? As for other resources, I notice people say to use the deer all the time for thatch, a theri can gather an immense amount of thatch
  9. raw prime fish meat

    Not sure how killing alphas by hand is the right way. I just use a basil, but that's because I'm too lazy to walk a rex around. So many alphas spawn on the beach that all you need to do is shoot them with an arrow, they agro to the basil and you wreck them. As for OP, find a leed and swim up to it (they are friendly to all except rafts) and press E. It will either give you 50 fish, or 50 prime fish. You can do it every 10 minutes.
  10. Suicide Rafts - Solution

    Not correct sadly. It's just that you can't place c4 on another person's raft, it actually explains why. The message is along the lines of "can't place c4 on non-ally raft" or something like that. The way people do it is build a few ceilings out (out of thatch) place c4 on that thatch ceiling and drive the raft up close (not against as clipped rafts don't work) and detonate the c4
  11. The Great TEK Wall, A Big TEK Problem.

    are you talking to me? I'm not sure what you're asking. You want me to prove that the recording is legit when it's done?
  12. The Great TEK Wall, A Big TEK Problem.

    This reminds me so much of the topic whining about the leed as well. Just learn to play and ask for help mate. I can tell you right now you can gain entry into tek WITHOUT any breeding AT ALL. You can beat her with some leveled tamed dinos with PRIMITIVE saddles. I've tested it and it works fine. I'll also get to record it on official pvp with just a few dinos. These will be "bred" but not imprinted and not bred for mega stats. Just bred because I was too lazy to tame more. The kids actually came out lower level than the father (the only 145 tame in the breeding bunch, the others (all females) were ranging between lvl5 to max lvl80). Also a little tidbit to add to this. It's 100% possible for a solo player to do in their first week of playing. No need for kibble farms, and they are easy tames.
  13. Server 93 down

    probably best to go make a topic about that bud. This is another level of inconvenience. This server was swapping between PVP and PVE. Then it had crashes/down time of 20+hours. Then it had roll backs of 40+hours. Then it wouldn't update stopping people from transferring. It also had locked smithys crop plots and fabbys etc. It also still to this moment keeps crashing. However they did fix the locked items so it's progress for now
  14. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    grow up mate, I primarily use rafts and in the water, I don't have issues with them I love the alphas for the pirate hats too
  15. Server 93 down

    @lilpanda Server 93 has gone down again this really needs to be fixed!!! Also you guys still haven't fixed the fact that everything can and is locked by default which is a PVE setting not PVP