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  1. Same issue. Trying to avoid that mission due to egg overspawn. Might be due to mating intervals being higher than vanilla. Mine are set to 0.01 for faster mutation stacking.
  2. Not a large bug but not having those all too iconic day/noon/night transition themes playing really makes the game less... "Arky." Would definitely like them to be around instead of being completely non-existent. Thank you.
  3. I'll agree. This is annoying. The Colosseum has been drenched in shadow since the large 16.6 gb (313?) patch in September.
  4. TEM187

    Spawn in theme

    Spawn in theme is the Islands and not Extinctions. If it could be quickly remedied some time, it would be greatly appreciated. I always loved the Extinction theme when my character loaded into the map.
  5. So now instead of Aberrant Stegos, normal Stegos are spawning on the map.
  6. Update. Is most definitely caused by a day duplication glitch. 2 days are running at the same time. Pics of two suns in the sky as proof (forgive me if this wasn't the case before 314.3).
  7. Yep. Seems to happen whenever someone enters the lower portion of the map. (Also, can anyone tell me how to delete a post? Accidentally quoted someone in the one above.)
  8. Same for me. Single-player is apparently the culprit.
  9. For some reason, my Proto-Ark's won't close up like they usually do. Playing SP on PC. Any fix?
  10. Will there be an .ini option to allow items and tames through to Extinction for us SP peeps?
  11. Bred this girl. Got twins, so can always get a bunch more with her brother.
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