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  1. Abberation mounts

    Would this work well for getting drake eggs as well i can make hazmat suit to survive the the natural parts its surviving the angry drake mamas I'm worried about
  2. Abberation mounts

    Just got on to aberration and my little raptor isn't going to cut it i wanna know in your opinion the best mount to tame in aberration to walk "freely" about the map with the least chance of death especially to collect rock drake eggs. Im used to just mowing everything in my path down with my 285 direbear which i can obviously no longer do
  3. Otters starving

    Am i the only person who thinks otters starve unreasonably quickly compared to literally every other animal in game? If your not on at least every 3 days its going to die of starvation I've lost 3 this way now and i only use the little guy for insulation so i don't want to be wasting points on food. Cant be because of their size because i have plenty of small animals that i feed maybe every week and a half to two weeks
  4. Survive murder snow?

    Thanks guys going otter hunting tonight haveno ascendant gear though unfortunately
  5. Survive murder snow?

    what's the best way to survive three murder snow want to get ice wyvern eggs bur die in minutes every time i try to explore there
  6. Allos

    Does anyone know if the allo spawn fix deployed on xbox? And if so did it work?
  7. This happens to my one tribe mate in our area no matter where he moves his base just keeps happening he even moved right next to me and it happened to him again and only him he literally had the worst luck lost two 270+ Direbears on neutral to a lvl 15 allo last time
  8. will titanboas be tameable on scorched 

  9. ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    titanboas tameable on scorched earth??
  10. does anyone know if a way to find your character after you transfer to a new server if you can't remember your server number? i lost my lvl 73 character and the server isn't in my bookmarks