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  1. so i downloaded the .exe to desktop via browser download, i click run and nothing happens, i do get a spinning wheel next to my mouse though, 5 minutes pass and still nothing so i ran as admin, got the permissions box, click ok and bam, desktop becomes unresponsive, but not in the typical sense it doesn't 'grey out' it just doesn't work, leaving me unable to left/right click anything on my desktop, my taskbar remains unaffected and my task manager tells me nothing is happening which results in a restart in order to regain control of my desktop, anyway several minutes pass and still nothing in either instance so i update my net framework from 4.5.2 to 4.6.1, try again and again nothing, what strikes me most odd about it is that i downloaded it exactly how a friend did and my rig is pretty high end (win 8.1 64bit, i5 4460 3.2ghz quad core 8gb RAM and 4gb asus strix gtx970) i've even tried redownloads and still fail to get it working, any help would be much appreciated, i hear this is an incredibly helpful tool

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