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  1. Give us the ability to have an official server upgraded. With how unreliable the servers are for the new genesis i have spoken to alot of people who have a very similar or the same idea on this point. Give us an option to donate to the server to get the server put on a better hosting machine. right now 651 genesis is highly unreliable due to the amount of entities on the server. I would love an admin or mod to come play on the server for 1hour just to experiance what we do for around 12hours a day. This is not what we want. We lost on average 5hours and 22min per day on growing , breed
  2. Its showing as PVP but players have tested it and ingame it is actually still PVE
  3. Think its time to look at getting money back - They have released a non finished product into a finished game and call it finished. the servers cannot handle the amount of players and entities it says it can and i feel like we are not being heard anymore on this subject. Many people have reported this issue to no prevail. So it might be time to turn up the heat and wait until they fix this stuff to see if it is worth investing in our free time again.
  4. I am going to give it 24h to get a reply - many many people have reported this and every time you say we need a video! not everyone can play this game and record it. It requires a large amount of cpu and gpu power in itself and you want recorded footage. I tell you what go over to 90 / 55 on genesis one651 and check his fridges. people in the server chat will be able to name out every fert rex egg breed that he now has of ours, Including some of the best stats on the server all because he stole the stuff from people- Last time i am going to post about this because you really are doing nothing
  5. Is this really not even being looked at? the amount of reports right now that are wasting valuble time that your staff would be helping others because this guy is stealing stuff. Come on devs! Sort something here! make it to where you cant tp on or around someone elses built stuff or something
  6. It is teleporting out Caleb - what they do is start the tp - get close to the wall then just before they tp - the mesh doesnt exsist - enough time for them to run and grab eggs etc with F or whip
  7. Glitch when teleporting When people are teleporting for a breif period all mesh does not apply and they can walk through people's base's and take any eggs they want. Many many people have had eggs stolen in the last 3-5days and something needs to be done asap! People are losing breeding lines here! Easy to replicate as im sure you can see. please fix this
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