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  1. You would be suprised but high lvl mutation Jerboas are actually quite useful overall. Does take a long long time to breed them up but they are totally worth it
  2. Hows about we all hold back for the mystery of life and see what comes out of this You never know it might be a suprise worth waiting for. Yes i know its ark and the track record is not one to be desired. But who knows we might get something useful?
  3. Found a fix - its a GFX sided issue by the looks of it but not caused with the main game files but actually with Nvidia - Using it to auto optimize the game it goes invisible - but optimizing yourself it does not. So maybe this will help in some way?
  4. I do still have this issue personally (along with a known issue of it just walking off on its own out of the map)
  5. Same issue not found a fix yet but i can say , did tame it like this also :P
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