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  1. VenomsArk xbox one player dedicated server on Scorched earth Hi all I just wanted to advertise my server on xbox one currently running scorched earth with X6 Taming and XP along with faster breeding and maturation rates. So if you fancy some PVP but on a friendly server then come and join us all our rules and rates are on our FaceBook page VenomsArk.
  2. Top custom recipes

    lol yeah didn't see that my kids are driving me mad in the background.
  3. Top custom recipes

    hi all this has been probably covered by some of you already but i have also been trying some custom recipes but not really getting anywhere so as i understand it i need to make a note type on the note the ingredients you are going to use then add the note with the ingredients in the cooking pot/industrial cooker then hey presto a new recipe. but the problem i am having is nothing happens. so can someone help?
  4. teleport to coordinates on pc i am aware it's possible to teleport to the boss arenas but is it possible on my dedicated server ? and if so what are the coordinates?
  5. Scuba tank

    Hi i thought it might be a good idea if when under the water the scuba display would drain its colour to indicate the health of the tank so we don't have to keep checking our inventory to see if it going to break at awkward times like when trying to tame a mosasaurus.
  6. player dedicated server

    it on xbox one platform but i'm going to check asap
  7. Hi to all i run my own player dedicated server VENOMSARK PVP 24 7 but i have been told when searching for the server none can find it is there a reason for this ? I have also looked myself and i can't find it either. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.
  8. My Server

    Hi all i just wanted to advertise my server Venoms ark which is a pvp server with a few tribes on already but i would like to see more people on as well the stats aren't massively boosted although there not a vanilla settings either. Anyway the user name is VenomsArk which is also the name of the Host GT as well. i also run a Facebook page with all the rules and stats of the server and also post events and general discussions. There is a few rules i would like to stay now though, - there will be no bullying in my server or bad mouthing/trash talk to other players if this occurs you will be banned instantly. Anyway i'm a 24/7 server based in the UK so please come and give it a go and finally we are on the island so drop in and give it a try. Thanks Venom Gaming.
  9. Hi all i recently changed the stats on my server and wanted to update my dododex App but when i put the command "showmyadminmanager" it comes up but i am unable to scroll down on the left where the stats are based. do i need a mouse connected to my xbox? or is there a simpler way to do this as i don't want to shut the server down to get the relevant information.
  10. Hi all, just a reminder I have a 24/7 server UK based called "VenomsArk" along with a Facebook page with the same name.

  11. Future Expansions in Ark!

    Hi all i don't know if this has already been stated on here already but one of the survivors who plays on my server (xbox one scorched VenomsArk Plug over). suggested a map like scorched but instead of a baron wasteland how about all snow ice etc and have the basic buildings be igloos instead of tents etc and have snow storms where hyperthermia sets in.
  12. Dedicated server

    ok well that may be a last resort but it may be the only way but thanks for the advise anyway.
  13. Dedicated server

    no not even that. i try to join on the dummy profile that is running the server, but it won't let me join. So i hard reset both xbox's and started again but still the same issue where it won't let me join it did sync the data for a second between the two profiles but was done instantly.
  14. Dedicated server

    I was running the server before the update with no issues and also there was no issue last night at all.
  15. Dedicated server

    Hi once again, i am aware that this is a very busy time for the dev's etc so i'll get to the point. I run my own server on XBOX One called "VenomsArk" and it seem's to be having joining issues when loading in the respect of not being able to join. Although i joined once and i started to play again but crashed again roughly 1 min in. Has anyone else been suffering with the same problem? i am in the UK and my internet speed is fine i run off fibre optic.