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  1. I tried to increase my dedicated ram but could only get it to 512mb. I can run it on low end graphics on steam direct x.
  2. are you hosting on xbox one not nitrado? if so I'm having the exact same issue and have had to revert to SE so we can still play this is so frustrating I just want to play aberration so badly.
  3. Venom80

    Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    I have been running a dedicated server for a long time now and have recently changed to aberration but every time we all log off it saves player data but not structures or tames so I was wondering is it isolated to just me?
  4. Venom80

    Top custom recipes

    lol yeah didn't see that my kids are driving me mad in the background.
  5. Venom80

    Top custom recipes

    hi all this has been probably covered by some of you already but i have also been trying some custom recipes but not really getting anywhere so as i understand it i need to make a note type on the note the ingredients you are going to use then add the note with the ingredients in the cooking pot/industrial cooker then hey presto a new recipe. but the problem i am having is nothing happens. so can someone help?