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  1. I also was able to join on my friend in my server as well.
  2. ok first thanks for the reply's, I have already reset the router and I was definitely online as I was in a Xbox live party at the time so with the process of elimination the game must be bugged out I have tried restarting the game several times and now have reinstalled it so hopefully that will cure it, my only concern is my wife like me has a new Xbox one s and is having the same issue so maybe the internet/router is faulty?
  3. Code shown at menu Can any one explain why there is code showing please? platform is xbox I also cant find any servers.
  4. Hi all, just a reminder I have a 24/7 server UK based called "VenomsArk" along with a Facebook page with the same name.

  5. i have played for a couple of hours last night and it saved so has it been fixed?


  6. Well i have messaged the dev's until i'm blue in the face for news on the auto-save issues and while i'm not expecting any sort of a reply as on here i am a nobody but if i do you will all hear.

  7. loving the new Redwood Tree houses but is there going to be rope bridges to connect more than one or a pully system to get up? #Arkprinceofthieves @VenomGaming




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