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  1. I made a concept for this one a while back. It included a cart instead of a saddle, and resistance to the Carchars status effect.
  2. I find it extremely comical how the Rhynograda has so many abilities that the "Ark Presentation Music" is literally too short for the video, so it's just stuck on the same 6 or so notes for most of the video.
  3. Yes this was a real animal, i'm not making this up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obamus Infact it was one of the first animals to ever exist, in the late Precambrioan. Obamus would be a giant untamable animal that would spawn on the seafloor of Ragnarok's ocean. After killed, it would give the player a large ammounts of resources like Oil, Silca pearls, Black pearls, meat, and an unique toxin, which can be applied to bows. It would defend itself with said toxin it releases into the water periodically. Now that i think about it The Centre would suit this creature better. Nevermind now. Edit: Ouch, i just realised i accidentally made a foruth wall break in the dossier.
  4. I'd like to see peaceful music aswell alongside battle music. Not in the wild, but when you're managing and building your base. Farming, cooking, crafting, stb. It would be a nice touch and a bit of variety in the tracks.
  5. The main reason Ark 2 is being made is becouse the first game has a broken and messy foundation. A spagetti code if you will. This is due to the foundation being laid when the developers were fairly inexperienced. This messy foundation makes adding new things and fixing issues and bugs very difficult. So the next logical step for the now experienced team, is to rebuild the game from scratch. It only makes sense. Yeah, we'll have to wait, but i think it will be worth it.
  6. Sounds nice in my opinion, altough i'm bad at game balancing, so i might be wrong
  7. This would be great, just don't take the in-game currency system too far and make the game a pay-to-win competitive cesspool.
  8. So i submit Hungarosaurus once again, now with better dossier. I plan this creature to be a early to mid game general multipurpose tame, which is fast but has an unpenetratable back armour. Edit: Here's an useful link: https://magyardinoszaurusz.hu/hungarosaurus-tormai/?lang=en
  9. Yeah agreed. I don't want to see poor, suffering dinosaurs with broken wrists.
  10. I might be wrong but if you look at Archeopteryx and early cretaceous birds (which still have many non-avian fearures, such as claws), you can see the femur slowly retreating as we go forward. Dinosaurs and Birds did live together, becouse they split during the late Jurassic period. But again, i might be wrong since i did not do as many research as you did, but it's also hard to find information about Cretaceous Bird Femurs.
  11. I'm not complaining since i'm just happy that Gorgonopsid didn't win
  12. I think it's either... ...The BLM logo is the right hand, but they wanthed to include implants in the african colors anyway, just to make it fancier (most likely). ...Teaser for mirrored hand models (least likely but i'm hoping it's this one).
  13. Speaking of diversity... Left handed character option? Pretty please?
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