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  1. That makes way more sense than what is in place right now. Thank you for that.
  2. I have dinos popping at 450....and if you arent breeding in pvp you really arent excelling at it either unless you have protection. The content is the same content from 2 years ago and they even reduced the damage the bosses do since then. You make it sound like breeding is easy. It's not, it's very time consuming and obviously not everyone can do it. GET A TRIBE. You dont want the strong dinos. Simple dont breed and dont get them, but the people who put in the work shouldn't have a point to where their dinos can no longer improve. You obviously arent a hardcore breeder so how do you know what we want and if it's boring and easy? You dont do it. I play on console so we dont have cool mods or anything, and if you haven't noticed pvp has more problems than breeders breeding their dinos. NOONE is surviving anymore unless its fresh on a new map. We all stopped surviving a year ago and now it's a competition of who has the best stuff. You want it "fair" go to an arkpocalypse server where they wipe every so often. Help provide me with a solution for my suggestion than besides being "boring" since you have already done it....
  3. Go play singleplayer if you dont want to deal with mutations. See what I did there it solved nothing. Fantasy: how would it make the game unplayable? You use dinos for everything. You dont mine or gather anything by hand the game is meant for you to use, breed and raise dinos. You go into a boss fight with your hands only? All I'm saying is what's the point of breeding if there is a cap at 450 when you can tame some dinos and they come out to 260+? "OVERPOWERED"....please this game has been officially out for almost 2 years. What do you guys do playing the game? Since you come here with no solutions or try to help resolve the situation. "Unplayable" what server isn't completely pillared, everyone is duping and you say raising the dino level cap will make it unplayable? Give me a better BS answer than that
  4. Dino level increase Hello Everyone. I'm suggesting an increase to the dino level after tame and raise. Us breeders that care about what we breed, just dont like focusing on 2 stats to increase, some of use increase all base stats to make the dino strong. Keep wild dinos at 150-190, but allow raised dinos and such to surpass 450. I have babies popping at 450 and they dont even have all the stats put on them yet. Game has been out for years and I dont see why we have to lose stats so dinos dont disappear. Make the level limit 700 please or make the levels average out so if you breed a lvl 20 with a 450 it can come out with the 450 stats but level 220 or something. Thank you.
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