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  1. Think the people that made the original one. There are reasons why its not out, they had months, doesint take so Long they only change the assets, everything else is there .... Not that they have to make a full map from scratch. So they can work on scorched ("pretending its a lot of work")
  2. You might crash 5 times had 3 blue screens, your character got wiped and you prolly get kicked from your own tribe before you can pick a stone. Maybe the oasisaur can resurect your lost characters 😱
  3. Sorry bud they are developping a chess table skin or they adding Donald duck now. Your on your own pal, nobody heard a word from @StudioWildcard
  4. Pillar spam is against TOS on pve, you need to make like 10 or 20 tickets to get it solved. Its pretty much only the spino spawns, wildcard does not talk to people or listen to advice. Honestly spinos is just clicking a checkbox in the engine ( spawns in water) and there you go problem solved. Wildcard only wastes time on a flipping tic tac toe table, or steamboat Mickey, or ark Mario 2d runner. If i wanna make games i download unreal and do it in unreal , i dont need arks version of unreal , it weird man. Whats wrong with you wildcard? @wildcard
  5. Hello my forum friends, I really need some fresh undies im pissing my pants from lauging about this joke of a Major update. Just a minor update with again a bunch of minor poop. gpu crashes, dragon stucken issue, exploits ok fair.. What a joke, rip ark asa.
  6. Im a business man i don't work for a company, i do it for the customer sell them a emotion with it every time they use my product they have a feeling of satisfaction, if their product breaks or has any complications they come TO ME and i fix it and they will be more happy, because i deliver costumer service with a Smile. Be honest professional and care for your custumers, because of them you have money in the bank at the end of the month. People love to spend their money at me and buy newer and beter version of my product. I would not sell a product that before i sell it i know its bad , you can already know what kind of problems and blowback it gives you. If you are desperate enough and you try it anyway you need to know how to deal with it and how to keep your custumers trust in you on point. You be honest and tell your costummers a simple Sorry (goes a Long end) we knew the product was not up to our standard quality level but we needed the money to develop our next product, but as service standard i will a: always as Quick as possible fix your product even if i have to work over hours, b: i will refund your money if you really not happy with the product or give you a huge discount on the next product and a big sorry, i had to safe my self from going broke. People will understand you because you have served them for many years, you are honest to them, and you help them when they ask for it. This is how you run a succesfull company. Trust me when i say i don't enjoy talking this way for over 8 years i have been a True big fan of ark even tho it's state i had a statisfied feeling to the end. But now we get such a bad product with loads of problems a copy of the old game ( which should be a remaster), People still suck it up and take it in hope of change. But now People are losing everything they built up in months , wildcard does not say a word to nobody, there is no support, on email, tickets discord. What you expect People get so bloody mad and frustrated, if i would do this to my customers, i beter start running cuz people start showing up with torches and pitchforks. Greetings MorgensterTM.
  7. Bro you're the dumbass, A Remake you do to make a much beter game, not a 100 times more horrible product. They promised all kinds of cool poop, a full recoded game. Remade island, unpolish as it can be floating foiliage, Stones, some intern trainee went ape nuts on the peble brush, go look in the snow how rediculous it looks. Mesh holes everywhere. (Center is not up to their quality standards, it seems they smoking pebbles aswell ) look at your island map. The game grapical wise runs like ass it has 300+ seriously player affecting bugs. Duping, meshing, exploiting since day one. They need their partners to make center the had months time to make it and now need months more, so wild card can work on scorched?? Scorched is 90 precent desert, and a bunch of stones. I can indie Remake scorched in a week. They are with a full blown studio.
  8. Yeh nicer grapics, gotta give that but there is always a but, the game on my rtx6000 ada , does not even hit 60 fps. Not even when you turn of fog / clouds/ shadows. Kinda strange innit after all this time not being able to at least run your game stable in terms of grapical performance. I had a laugh about that article of nitrado ceo claimed ( asa would not exist if nitrado wouldnt have loaned 4mil to wildcard)
  9. You have a trading section on this forum. The only problem is, its very dead there aint a big community, all trades go trough trading discords ect.
  10. Since the get drawn to 50 / 50 and that happens to be redwoods on island they very might !
  11. Yes spino spawns are horrbile on server where is build on, i certainly agree on this one ye.
  12. Yep we seen this one comming the moment they extended the love event did we not ?
  13. How is that compensating when you loose 10000 hours combined. We were leading in dino breedlines, and now we have to wait naked in front of our base for 15 days to see it decay and try to get some of our stuff back whilst a hole server is gunning for your cryopods bro ? or your vaults stacked with bp's, dedis of resources. It takes months to get back to get back to the same level. They extended love evolved to soften the blow of center being delayed. A simple sorry or admitting wildcard fffd up aint there you get standard copy paste message. Sorry we in post launch we not gonna help you bla bla ... We going more and more beserk every day we getting ingored by wildcard as loyal costumers.
  14. I think we all agree on the current cryopod system being very dumb, im for releasing the old cryo's ! My +1 you have.
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