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  1. I hope, singleplayer is still there, and wont be cutted somewhen, its the main and only game mode for me. If they cut it, its gonna be deal-breaker for me instantly.
  2. Thanks again! In total looks like its 10$ overpay in this case. I think I should wait for the Ultimate for a week then, since Scorched Earth will not be available sooner anyway, as I understand.
  3. Oh, I got it, thanks! So it is no point to buy standard edition on discount and then ultimate edition upgrade after its launch, right? Or it will be cheaper then ultimate edition by itself? I would like to get it but I don't want to overpay due to this confusion.
  4. I cant found Ultimate survivor edition in eshop, only standard edition which is on discount right now. There are no season pass or DLC in eshop either. Is it still not available for purchase in Europe (or at least in Poland), or am I missing something?
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