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  1. I've blanked out the steam name and all possible identification. If you see a steam name anywhere, let me know and I'll edit it. Also, I wrote that many people already know it, but found a summary of how to proceed helpful.
  2. Identify and report "box"-tribes Because I just have the problem that next to my base foundations from a box tribe were built so close, that I couldn't place anything. I thought I would show how to find out who is behind it and how to report these people. Of course many players will already know how to proceed, but this should be a little help to defend against griefing. This is what it looked like when I discovered the foundations: As you can see, you only see boxes and so you can only enter the place and time in a report. But this can be very unsatisfactory, because you don't find out who is behind it. So I looked for ways to display the other languages. I found this helpful manual: The important thing at this point is that you leave out the ". Additionally I have installed the language packs for Windows. https://www.itechtics.com/windows-10-language/ After that was done, the result looked like this: The problem that arises now is how to type these characters to display them in the report. I used this page where you can draw them with the mouse and they will be displayed in a way that you can copy them: https://www.archchinese.com/ But there are actually an awful lot of these pages. In any case, the result then looked like this: (快乐 [啊刘] ) With this I had at least the name and the tribe. But now the Steam Name was still missing to complete the report. Now I was lucky that the person in question had written in the chat and I had set the Show Steam Name under Options. If you open the Steam View, you can see who is on the server with you and go directly to the profile. Of course it is always a good idea to have a site like https://www.battlemetrics.com/ to show you who is playing with you, but it has its weaknesses when it comes to players named 123. I hope this little guide can be a help to some of you. Please play fair.
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