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  1. Karnivore

    Dino decay timers?

    Derp, was just coming here to delete my comment as i wrote it while scrolling through devtracker and just got to the part about it being a new change...
  2. Karnivore

    Dino decay timers?

    Is the " unclaimable if it ends with the dino not in stasis " a new addition? Because i know since the timer change you can still claim any dinos who timer runs out as long as you are within visual range when it runs out, its like claiming any dino used to be, you just have to be there on time now.
  3. Karnivore

    Claims of whole server wipes

    Typical reply from someone of your caliber. You got busted bugging under the map, and i laughed my ass off first time that vid came out, and thanks for another laugh now.
  4. Karnivore

    Aberration: Mutated Wyvern

    Cant be a wyvern, there are no flyers in Abberation.
  5. Karnivore

    Legacy Server Looting Epidemic?

    I've had people offer me $75 to run them through alpha tek cave, now I would be the fool to say no to that.
  6. Karnivore

    Legacy Server Looting Epidemic?

    Why does it matter if people are being looted? They let their timers run down the game will deleted everything itself anyway so other people may as well get it. And no dinos are perfectly claimable, if you are within render distance when the timer hits zero nothing changes, you walk around and claim everything you want, demo what you need to to get access to stuff so you have time to pack it all up, then when your done leave render and everything else will auto demo. I myself have picked up some great loot from people who have left over the last 2 weeks, i sure as hell dont need anything at all anymore, i have more stuff than i can store, but it makes no sense to let it all go to waste. and to you point that theres no point collecting "wealth" you may as well get it now, then continue to play if your server goes down with the unofficial save of it. And playing once or twice a week does infact " cut it " they only need to log in once every 7 days to stop dino / wood timers running out, if you cant manage that you dont deserve your stuff to begin with.
  7. Karnivore

    PSA - do NOT upload ice wyverns!

    Yep tried again...they are stuck, only new wyverns upload correctly..was it really that hard to test the upload one time before saying it worked?
  8. Karnivore

    PSA - do NOT upload ice wyverns!

    I guess it only works for wyverns uploaded after the fix...and mine are now stuck to die.
  9. Karnivore

    PSA - do NOT upload ice wyverns!

    Uploaded a petra, can download fine and still not wyverns ?
  10. Karnivore

    PSA - do NOT upload ice wyverns!

    I just tried again and the wyverns are still greyed out in the transmitter?
  11. Karnivore

    PSA - do NOT upload ice wyverns!

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124267459 picture of the wyverns non downloadable onto island 136.
  12. Karnivore

    PSA - do NOT upload ice wyverns!

    Uploaded from official Rag 39, tried to downloaded to PVE 136, no luck. tried to download to SE 815, no luck. and can not download back onto Rag 39 either. I appreciate the help, but at least for me its too late as some of my best wyverns will time out before this can be fixed, and no support for legacy ( yay ... ) means no replacements.
  13. Karnivore

    PSA - do NOT upload ice wyverns!

    PC PVE legacy - this is the same issue as before they made them transferable except they are greyed out on any server, i tried my island, scorched, and back to the rag they came from, no option to get them out anywhere. Tribe and servers are not over the tame limit.
  14. To save you the hassle, the patch notes says yes they are uploadable, says nothing about downloadable though. As it always has been, you can upload ice wyverns but you can not download onto any other server, they sit grey in the obilisk / transmitter, and at least for me i cant even download them back onto the rag server they came from so they are now sitting with the countdown ticking and no way to get them out.
  15. Karnivore

    tek teleporter question

    No they can not use it, allies cant even use it as you can not pin code the teleporter, and tribe mates who do not know the engram can not use it either.