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  1. Barradismo left Positive feedback   

    Fast trader and nice guy!

    Olivejuice was Trading

  2. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    nice guy, very patient...trade went smooth!

    Olivejuice was The Seller

  3. SpCowboy left Positive feedback   

    Nice trader, happy with .... Lets get Naked! XD

    Olivejuice was Trading

  4. Lumitesi left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and friendly trader!

    Olivejuice was Trading

  5. Tech2Logix left Positive feedback   

    Quick and correct trader :) +1!

    Olivejuice was Trading

  6. bananapotato left Positive feedback   

    Trader is very nice,friendly and patient

    Olivejuice was The Seller

  7. Flay left Positive feedback   

    Funny, Fast and fluffy trader :3

    Olivejuice was The Seller

  8. TheJelly left Positive feedback   

    friendly and fast to trade with.

    Olivejuice was Trading

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