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  1. These methods of defense require you to be online and NOBODY online raids anymore so the only real way to defend is to be in a large tribe that always has someone online.
  2. Yeah the red zone borders were a horrible idea. I think it was meant to help stop meshing but the lag in this games makes it do way more harm than good. How about regular borders with red zone behind them?
  3. This happened to me on Abberation. Was 4 days since someone logged on as we were all playing Red Dead and lost around 300 dino's and a bunch of structures, Game is broken af
  4. Yes this is still an issue. A new one is we are now getting Dino's auto decaying in our base for some reason and not just freshly tamed ones either. Its like WC wants us to quit.
  5. I really think your missing the main point. Players are using these op wild dino's to do pvp on pve servers and on pvp its just a stupid and broken way to raid/grief. If they didn't damage metal or tek this would hardly be an issue it would just be a few people complaining that the dino's are too high level. Its like they never learn anything from past mistakes like The Rock Golem issues of people kiting them or just moving out of the way of a projectile that damages stone so it damages something behind them. Like what were they even thinking with that.
  6. Yeah but only people who have reached Tek can use that. What about everyone else? Do they just have to put up with this broken mechanic? I think the best way to address this would simply be to not allow the release near enemy structures.
  7. Yeah it looks and runs like garbage.
  8. I thought it seemed a bit strange I could not find a single drop at all on The Center server I was transferring my character from to go to extinction. Lucky 1 of the 2 obs were not blocked and I had heaps pumped into movement speed to actually get to red ob or I would be stuck on that server. This needs a fix asap.
  9. All the Titans are OP as hell but the desert one seems the worst. Way too op and way too easy to tame. I also agree the Owls healing needs to be nerfed. This expansion is totally a pve expansion. So so many broken things pvp wise even after the patch.
  10. Wow......just wow. How could something so broken make it into the game. Nerf asap please.
  11. They are there you just cant see them unless you spawn in within render distance which was a bug introduced a few patches ago that has been mentioned numerous times on here but of course its still not fixed. Bunch of bred invisible Bears on neutral defending our base is a plus though They are a rare spawn in the murder snow but dont waste your time if you are planning to start breeding them to make trades or to take to another server as they can't be transferred and from what one of the Rag devs told me they are unlikely to ever be transferable due to conflict with the Island Polar Bears. I wasted at least several hours just looking a few 145/150's to start a breeding line, did about 5 generations and had a few mutations THEN found out you can't transfer them. Was so pissed and still am to this day.
  12. Meshing is ruining the game. Death barrier for players needed to be implemented a long long time ago. Report system is also a joke. I know of a tribe who were getting attacked from under the map relentlessly and reported the perps but they had to build a turret box under their base just to stop all their hard work from getting wiped. A dev finally came and saw that the defending tribe that was getting trolled from under the map had stuff built under for defense and then dev wiped them instead and left. Don't defend under your base and you'll get trollwiped, do build under your base and get devwiped. What a complete joke this is.
  13. I love Leeds, they keep the lag down and stop low level players using rafts to troll.
  14. Either kill trilobites or sea scorpions.
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