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  1. Careful saying stuff like that. I got a 1000 year ban from the 343 Halo forums for saying something very similar as they somehow took it as a threat.
  2. All the Titans are OP as hell but the desert one seems the worst. Way too op and way too easy to tame. I also agree the Owls healing needs to be nerfed. This expansion is totally a pve expansion. So so many broken things pvp wise even after the patch.
  3. They are there you just cant see them unless you spawn in within render distance which was a bug introduced a few patches ago that has been mentioned numerous times on here but of course its still not fixed. Bunch of bred invisible Bears on neutral defending our base is a plus though They are a rare spawn in the murder snow but dont waste your time if you are planning to start breeding them to make trades or to take to another server as they can't be transferred and from what one of the Rag devs told me they are unlikely to ever be transferable due to conflict with the Island Polar Bears. I wasted at least several hours just looking a few 145/150's to start a breeding line, did about 5 generations and had a few mutations THEN found out you can't transfer them. Was so pissed and still am to this day.
  4. I love Leeds, they keep the lag down and stop low level players using rafts to troll.
  5. Can confirm Males do lay eggs and egg will be the same level as nearby Wyvern.
  6. Lag and crashes seemed a bit better after the update and then the weekend and 2x hit.....Oh god why is it still SO BAD???!!!
  7. The lag and constant dc's have made Rag unplayable. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP Official rag servers on Xbox are cancer. Playing Starcraft online in 1998 on a 56k modem was better than this. Not good enough WC and Rag devs!!!
  8. Turret nerf = pvp ruined. GG Wildcard. People are already quitting and demanding refunds. I'd much rather deal with the lag than be wiped over and over because raiding is already way too easy before this nerf. A very unhappy survivor
  9. Servers being down is not the problem here. Servers are up (mostly) but the lag and disconections are the problem with Lagnarok servers.
  10. I just posted this in the Lagnarok forums: All Xbox Lagnarok servers are super super laggy atm. Unplayable for some people. Its just constant lag and disconnects. Whole server has crashed about 7-8 times in the last few hours, lost babies, not happy. Bred my Mammoths (takes 8 hours) and set an alarm for 7 and a half hours only to get on and find there is still 2 and a half hours to go rather than 30 mins THATS how much its lagging. Its not just me but everyone on our server which is official pvp new servers and others I have spoken to from other Lagnarok servers. Our Island server is no where near this bad but you are kind of forced to play on scorched as it has all the scorched stuff as well as the only place you can get Ice Wyverns and Griffins. Great map but im sorry to say this is completely unacceptable and something needs to be done asap and in reality should not have been released the way it is now. This is the worst the game has ever lagged since release and even worse than when I used to play online game on a 56k modem.
  11. Not a bad trailer but I thought it could have been a lot better. Older trailers do a better job of showing off the game and making it look awesome. Way too much color in this trailer.
  12. Giving people only a few days to move is a huge slap in the face of everyone who has been playing, supporting and testing this game for them. The lies about servers not being wiped then saying only 10% and now its like over 50% is also a huge slap in the face and just not cool. We cannot trust anything Wildcard says anymore. They are dodgy af. Also no support for legacy is yet another huge slap in the face (my face is getting sore) and no ddos protection. If I knew all of this over a month ago I wouldn't have kept playing so much thinking I was working on something that would last.
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