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  1. Its an issue on every map and there are still plenty of spots on every map you can mesh.
  2. Jamage007

    Ark doesn't auto update

    I have 219 games currently installed on my Xbox and auto update turned on. Every other game and app auto updates but Ark does not. Very frustrating when you have gotten up for imprints and to feed your babies only to have a 20gb+ update that should have already been downloaded. It also usually forces me to update Scorched or Abberation more than once. I just updated Ab 3 times before it would let me play.
  3. Jamage007

    Polar Dire Bears INVISIBLE! Please help!

    Been multiple threads about this already with no response from WC or Ragnarok devs. I spent ages just finding a bunch of high level Polar Bears on Rag and did multiple generations of breeding only to then find out you can't even transfer them and probably wont ever be able to so we cant use them on our other servers and cant use them for trading. So pissed I spent all that time. Now they have gone invisible unless you log in within render distance of them. I guess have several Neutral/aggressive invisible bears helping defend our base is a plus though
  4. Meshing needs to be fixed asap and fixing a couple of holes here and there every month or so isn't much better than doing nothing at all.
  5. Jamage007

    Megalanias. Why not?

    Yeah there needs to be something similar to Rock Drakes but a tier below. Megalanias would be perfect.
  6. Jamage007

    Top 10 Dinos that Need TLC

    Areneo Quetzal Pulmimoscorpius Diplodocus Megalodon Liopleridon Onyc Pachycephelosaurus Morellatops Dimetrodon
  7. Jamage007

    What makes a good event?

    Actually having an event for starters. So dissapointed no halloween event this year. Fear Evolved 2 was the best. They already have the stuff made from previous events so I don't see why its so much trouble to do. They say they don't have enough time to do it with Exintion and bug fixes but somehow managed to to events while in early access and did PAID DLC during EA and we are still waiting for dozens of bug fixes from years ago so at least give us something.
  8. Jamage007


    Too rare imo.
  9. Jamage007

    Dire polar bears going invisible.

    This is still an issue
  10. Jamage007

    ragnarok Dire Polar Bear (ps4)

    They are there you just cant see them unless you spawn in within render distance which was a bug introduced a few patches ago that has been mentioned numerous times on here but of course its still not fixed. Bunch of bred invisible Bears on neutral defending our base is a plus though They are a rare spawn in the murder snow but dont waste your time if you are planning to start breeding them to make trades or to take to another server as they can't be transferred and from what one of the Rag devs told me they are unlikely to ever be transferable due to conflict with the Island Polar Bears. I wasted at least several hours just looking a few 145/150's to start a breeding line, did about 5 generations and had a few mutations THEN found out you can't transfer them. Was so pissed and still am to this day.
  11. Yeah that sucks. If all you ever built was some turrets under your base you should not be wiped. Its a total joke how easy it is to get under the map and wipe massive bases and they have been so slow to do anything about it you should be able to at least defend yourself against it. They just need to make under the map a kill zone that kills all players but not dino's so gm's can still retrieve them for you in the unlikely chance they the dino hasn't starved to death before your ticket even gets looked at.
  12. Actually thinking you had any chance at all not being in one of the mega's or being in an alliance with one was your biggest mistake. It kinda sucks but it is what it is
  13. Would be nice but I highly doubt it.
  14. Jamage007

    Typical response time to ticket.

  15. Meshing is ruining the game. Death barrier for players needed to be implemented a long long time ago. Report system is also a joke. I know of a tribe who were getting attacked from under the map relentlessly and reported the perps but they had to build a turret box under their base just to stop all their hard work from getting wiped. A dev finally came and saw that the defending tribe that was getting trolled from under the map had stuff built under for defense and then dev wiped them instead and left. Don't defend under your base and you'll get trollwiped, do build under your base and get devwiped. What a complete joke this is.