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  1. Jamage007

    The Center: Building Holes (can't place)

    Deadzones. Do not put any dino's there as from my experience any dino's left on a deadzone will just outright dissapear. I had the same issue when I built behind a waterfall on the floating island on The Center. Find somewhere else to build.
  2. Jamage007

    Typical response time to ticket.

  3. Meshing is ruining the game. Death barrier for players needed to be implemented a long long time ago. Report system is also a joke. I know of a tribe who were getting attacked from under the map relentlessly and reported the perps but they had to build a turret box under their base just to stop all their hard work from getting wiped. A dev finally came and saw that the defending tribe that was getting trolled from under the map had stuff built under for defense and then dev wiped them instead and left. Don't defend under your base and you'll get trollwiped, do build under your base and get devwiped. What a complete joke this is.
  4. Jamage007

    New Boss Killers?

    Also if they are just slightly higher level Rex's with bionic skins why in the name of raptor jesus were they named Tek Rex's? People call normal Rex's with Tek saddles on them Tek Rex's, so now I guess they are Tek saddle Rex's. Too similar and confusing. Should have been called Bionic Rex's. WC can't even name things properly.
  5. Jamage007

    Hit boxes

    Hitboxes in this game have always been horrible.
  6. Jamage007

    Losing Character

    Create another character and grind levels. WC will only level you to like 50 or 70 which can easily be done in a couple of hours anyway. Its pathetic that its still happening and pathetic that they wont give people their real levels back. They cant give you any imprints back and wont give you back any tek unlocks or ascention even though they can. The day I lose my main character is probably the day I will get banned from these forums.
  7. Jamage007

    A message to Wildcard

    This is pretty much me
  8. I move to a better map with decent building locations
  9. I logged on 1 time to find a reaper king inside our base, killed a Paracer then burrowed and went under our gates then emerged and started attacking the gate before I killed it on a Spino. After that we had plant Z and light pets all around the base. Never had a problem since. This was in the green zone before we moved.
  10. Jamage007

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    I love Leeds, they keep the lag down and stop low level players using rafts to troll.
  11. Jamage007

    Overseer Questions

  12. Jamage007

    More Aberration Dinos ??

    Map needs Thyla's and Procoptodons. Very lacking in dino's and it makes the map seem sub par compared to everything else.
  13. Jamage007

    Undermeshing + Collision detection

    Lol go look it up on youtube or a quick google search. They have all been posted here and tweeted to the devs more than once already.
  14. Jamage007

    Moschops unable to farm Sap

    Been an issue since Moschops came out like 2 years ago.
  15. Jamage007

    pve Black pearl The center map

    Either kill trilobites or sea scorpions.