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  1. Still waiting for the return of wireless multiplayer. If it has, i will install it. Nya. 😁
  2. May i ask if local wireless will return this year ? Still no sign of it. Id never sacrifice it even for better visuals
  3. Still no response from Grove Street regarding the return of local wireless multiplayer. I believe they really brought it and exchanged it for better visuals and onlinefee. Btw the old version runs fine, visuals are perhaps not like now. Hiccups only occur due to loading, like in every other game. Id never sacrifice my Ark with local wireless for that
  4. Local wireless multiplayer gets removed with the update so i decided not to update because this was the reason i bought the game. And because i tested the performance myself i.e. let the cam simply circle with all the animals and plants around. Conclusion: ok framedips due to loading, but else its fine ! So i dont need to sacrifice the holy local wireless. Btw i think one day there will be consequences for some online multiplayer only games because of wasted devices due to sad gamers. The game is bought and then the servers shut down. I doubt this is the product bought. So the game is bought with fixed limited functionality. Very strange i find. So as long as they do not add local wireless to the update i wont update and definitely would not recommend it
  5. ooooff, just thought. Well then ill install the update. I was just very disappointed from certain switch games. Imagine the excellent M2 port of Virtua racing for the switch. No local wireless. Nya. Then thank you very, very much !! Now i can sleep better and am looking forward again for this great update. Oh and of course playing online is and stays a great gamingexperience in this context
  6. Local multiplayer gets removed ? I was looking forward so much for the update. And it is not even safe that local wireless multiplayer will come back ?? Not with me. Like Bethesda and Doom 2016 for the Nintendo Switch and countless others. The world doesnt get more beatiful from that when the day comes and the servers shut down. Very suspicious to me. No local wireless or at least lan. I own as good as every AAA game with local wireless multiplayer 😆☺, except games with auto targeting. Sword art online hollow realization sadly had this. Could have been so great. I hope one day there will be better devs. I strictly boycott those two playabilityremovers.
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