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  1. Okay, disregarding everything you said except for the first three sentences, that argument is hecking hilarious. It's essentially just the "were you there??" argument and its the kind of thing people laugh at. Regarding everything you said, you may need a refresher on what an antlion looks like. It looks like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antlion. I don't care that the bosses are mythological. It bugs me and several others (don't worry moderators, there isn't another group chat on these forums - so you won't have to ban an entire group chat bc you got your feelings hurt again) that the dinosaur (not "dinos" like everything prehistoric is labeled as here) aspect of this game is diminishing quickly.
  2. Not at the time that I bought it. Around the time that Castoroides was added they had to change the steam description ._. And sure - it did have a dragon, but the little screentime it got implied that there was just a touch of mythology. Look where we are now with that touch of mythology.
  3. Not when you bought the game for prehistoric animals — since thats what it was marketed as — and theyre forcing this mythological bullpoop down your throat.
  4. When are we going to get some more actual dossiers. This is somewhat disappointing tbh
  5. Nothing. I just prefer the animals in this game to actually look prehistoric. I'm disappointed that the rest of you are hyped for basically a raptoring zoo tycoon 3
  6. Thanks bud, that was totally directed towards you. That's sad.
  7. There will be an ocean expansion, if that's what you're asking. Your English is heavily flawed.
  8. No. You will still get thrown off, unless you ride Pelagornis.
  9. Well im tired rn and it seemed clear i meant prehistoric looking animals. Almost anybody can look outside and see a pelican, you know what I can't see when I look outside? A giant, feathered Tyrannosaurid. kinda ironic you think that purrlovia is a gorgonopsid and you said i sounded like i was stupid. Nope, a Gorgonopsid (most likely Inostrancevia) was confirmed way before Jaekelopterus, the Eurypterid. as far as lying goes, have you seen the update log? Have you kept up with it? They create these forums for community feedback but most of the time ignore a majority and pick and choose a select few ideas that they like (even if they are disliked by the rest of the community). ie Saber toothed salmon. Or the leech.
  10. Every dossier lately is making this game seem more like zoo tycoon with the occasional dinosaur, rather a prehistoric animal based survival game. This is literally just a big pelican. Also, didn't you guys confirm Gorgonopsid a LONG time ago? Why are you keeping us waiting? It feels like you guys have been lying to our faces a lot.
  11. when is the confirmed gorgonopsid going to make its appearance?
  12. When do we see our "confirmed" gorgonopsid?
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