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  1. so i have a big question, do the current players that have already bought ark have to buy it again?? and if we do, will the official servers and character levels be restarted?
  2. not to mention constant crashing for some of us, texture bugs, players losing saves sometimes 100s of hours of work lost, joining session loops for 10 minutes until i get a message saying connection lost, falling through the world, etc...yeah ok 10/10 my @$$, i dont understand how people think were still mad that we have to pay for dlc..thats not why we're mad at all theyre missing the entire point.
  3. what is the boss ascension feature, and what are proceduraly generated arks?
  4. no not really, plenty of companies like wargaming and rockstar still add content long after the game was released with no bugs or anything. other companies also get their community involved, and the people making halo wars 2? yeah they're more involved then wildcard is. your argument that you repeat is garbage, and if they had worked on making the game 100% stable like most actually companies, they wouldnt have to worry about bugs, atleast not crashing,falling through the world, losing your saves.etc those bugs.
  5. thank you for proving jeffrey's point about you basically repeating everything you say, this is the..3rd time i think you said something about AAA games..and about people not understanding that this is pre-release, and theres about 8 pages on this forum post, you and like...5-6 people defend this decision because you had money to buy it. btw we were expecting wildcard to fix the bugs etc, yet they add more to their to-do list instead of crossing things off.
  6. okay i'll go to there studio myself and make the damn game, and wth you doin here you dont seem to be helping much either, yes i have sent tickets and made forum posts, and also im supposed to wait another year for this game to fully release? cuz thats what it looks like with all that they want to add AND fix all the bugs and falling through the world and losing tames and bases cuz the game didnt save. and yeah my 2nd comment? instead of fixing the fcking problems they just add more to make us forget about em, oh and all caps makes you even more annoying. if theres a small team they should all be working on just a few things, so it doesnt get out of hand, because theyve seemingly just forgotten about the isand and centers problems like i said before. as some have said before you dont seem to undrstand why people are mad, possibly because you havent gotten screwed over but who knows?
  7. hey UDG knight its crap like this that most people want them to fix, not add more content! because then it just adds more bug and stuff to fix, i would be happy if they stopped adding content or atleast a ton of it, as long as the game fking worked great a lot of people would be happy! i know i would
  8. actually it is an excuse and a very weak one at this point, this was supposed to release in june, if it did you wouldnt be saying that, AND they wouldnt have to charge 20$ if they didnt have so many sales and had charged for soft. the island and center have had and still have a lot of bugs, a lot of texture problems, and a lot of crashing still, and this isnt just me, other people have this problem, some of these problems since day 1, and they havent even been fixed, or looked at by the team. and if they arent adding any more to these maps then just finish them and polish them! and how big is this team exactly?becuase from what i heard this is the same team doing everything thing, sotf,the island, the center, now scorched earth AND the upcoming primal survival! they have too many projects and its just making it harder for them to fix anything. and hey smartass not everyone can afford this, yeah 20$ aint much for some people, but like when we payed 35$ like me to get early access, then go onto add early acces dlc .. to an early access game which again we have to pay for...is just...i cant even comprehend it. well i could but then wildcard start fire control so i wont.
  9. love the fact that they didnt even say that it was 20$ in the forum post we had to find out ourselves im not paying for another ark. especially if the island and center struggle to work, with constant crashing, texture problems. and falling through the world. why pay for more of that.
  10. wc seems to be so determined to add content instead of fixing all the problems,
  11. hm..i know that dung beetles are used to make fertilizer for plants but, if you set this on free roam or just rode around on it spraying your crops.. if it would fertilize them? idk just an idea.
  12. really?btw i have read all the other posts but i only saw 1 slightly mention the vulture on the shoulder. lol my bad
  13. PLEASE READ!!! ok so, if some of you have a sharp eye, you can see a vulture on the guys shoulder. anyone else see that? go take another look right now do it. but in the other picture, they look very large, almost like they're too big to fit on a shoulder. do you guys think that this would be a desert shoulder pet? honestly it wouldnt be that bad to have a vulture as a shoulder pet.
  14. guys. clearly. the desert biome is official no doubt
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