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  1. Even in single player?
  2. The cryopods cant be used in the cave i think
  3. Im managing an army of deynonycus for gamma overseer,i wonder if It Is possible to swipe the entire cave (and the giga) with dinos on passive
  4. Ive Heard that overseer Is pretty easy, i Ve tried many times to do the cave with rexes and deinos but they died in lava, Now i dont have much patience and time so i wonder if 4 therizinos with 6k health and 300 melee with 20 veggie cakes could be enough
  5. Is there any chance to recover my stuff into the cave or they disappear Forever?
  6. Can be used the cryopods at the teleportation Chamber?
  7. I tried to save data into the cave and i Lost all the stuff and dinos , damn
  8. Single player im having some problems with the lava in the cave
  9. My team Is currently 3 allos 2 rexes 4 deinos a daeodon a terror Bird and an andrewsarchus I don't know if its enough, i thought if It was possible to swipe the cave maybe with the andrew
  10. I dont find the vote button, however my vote Is for the acynonix
  11. Killed about 2 hundred dodos and zero turkeys on valguero, fjordur and the island
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