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  1. As mentioned, this topic has been discussed thousend times before. There is no way to protect your base from offline raiding, even the all mighty pearl cave can be raided with in hours just by tanking with shields. Only thing you can do about it is make it last longer by making millions of turret towers around your base or make it cost more to enemy by making base which is just empty vaults around map. Reason why ORP does not work is that people who cry about offline raiding are same people who drop all loot before enemy gets inside base when being online raided. And there is currently no way to prevent item dropping atm. But best ORP would be just set servers PVE for 8 hours at night time.
  2. Building is legit if it's normally supported as your building is.
  3. Timers on transfer are really frustraiting at the moment. Issue would be easen if player could move items to server side buffer at any time. Once server saves it would upload all player specific buffers to global item transfer system (where you normally upload them). Buffers would never save and if server crashes, no duplication would occur. Buffers would also check that they + global transfer system has maximum of 50 items. This would help cross ark system a lot and make it more playable. If that is too difficult to complete. Add atleast button to check the timer without going to a transfer point (loot, obe, transmitter), for example when pressing h.
  4. Official PVP: 1. Lag (Server side), like real lag that we didn't encounter in legacy 2. Server capped mega raids that is basically offline raiding 3. Transfer timer, hate it.
  5. TangoOsmo

    Giganotosaurus Tamming Advice

    Giganoto is one of the easiest tames in ark. So here's what you do: Solo: Set up lots of large bear traps around -> wait giga to get trapped -> use shokdarts to tranq Group: Just shoot it from quetz platform or players around with x-bow. Tame: Let torpor to go down and feed enough narcoberries for it to be asleep for the entire tame. 1200 berries = 1h of sleep, don't use narcotic. If torpor reaches maximum, effect of narcoberries stop and it will wake in 5 min.
  6. TangoOsmo

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Well the other methods so far has been just exploits... Imo as long as we don't have ORP only way to raid base should be tanking turrets, and it should take long, since offline raiding is so easy.
  7. TangoOsmo

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Soakers ain't the problem here. Problem is that chinese human wave is kind of op against 25 turrets if they don't one shot players.
  8. TangoOsmo

    Turret change discussion megathread

    If fireing speed cannot be increased, then turrets should one hit player / shields, ect. And disable all explosives from being used on top of dinos, stegos ect. Also turrets should clear all projectiles and drag dolls in range by one shot. (one bullet from one turret would clear all projectiles in turret range)
  9. TangoOsmo

    Turret change discussion megathread

    If this patch fixes the server lag and turret problems, it is mandatory for ark pvp. But turrets just needs to be rework. - Increase turret capacity a lot, 6-10x or a centered bullet dispenser unit where you can put bullets and it shares those to nearby turrets. - Increase turret damage 4-6x, except tek turret maybe 2x. - Increase turret rotation speed and fireing rate. - Increase turret hp a lot. Also plant turrets should be invurnable to fire arrows and catapults for now on. - And most of all, turrets should shoot on sight...
  10. TangoOsmo

    Turret change discussion megathread

    If the new turret limit fixes the shooting issue and server lag, it will be good for ark pvp. But turrets really need to work then. No more running to plant c4 and back. Also turret damage and capacity needs to be fixed to match current defenses. Auto-turrets and plants needs a major damage buff. Also as of now you can't have many plants and they're really easy to destroy with fire arrows so plants needs to be indestructable for now on. Also increase plant range. Basically, if a base have 1000 turrets now and it's reduced to 100, capacity and fireing speed needs to be increased by 10x to obtain same damage, dps and bullet consumption.
  11. It might be that it only occurs when server is almost full and lag is real. But i've seen countless cave raids and base raids where people run and jump with high movement speed reaching the base without getting killed. Same was in our previous raid, and they were even able to run back after placing c4, at least 20 turrets on high range. And it's unbalanced on other areas of pvp as well. 150 or even 180% cap (including boosts) wouldn't break the possibility to do different builds but it would balance the fact that the game doesn't work well with fast moving objects. But once again as people have mentioned here, no PVP balance is ever needed because everyone has the same opportunity to use different tactics, glithces and exploits... Maybe dupeing on Legacy was part of the game as well since everyone knew how to do it at the end. Too bad that they fixed lamp posts...
  12. That's just stupid. In your opinion also gate quetzals, tanking turrets behind dead body and shooting rockets under mesh are just different playstyles and should be accepted in pvp? It's clearly not intended to have such movementspeed so you can outrun turrets...
  13. Number of turrets doesn't matter, they just won't shoot you if you move fast enough. Saw this in latest raid, players ran accros full turret range, turrets only aimed them, but didn't shoot untill they stopped at base to plant c4. The even managed to run back. This might only work when server population is near max, but 200% is still way too much.
  14. not saying to nerf it, just cap it! 200% movement speed is just insane in pvp.
  15. Is it really intended that players are able to run faster than anything? Is it necessary that players with 200% movement speed can outrun turrets and suicide to base? Is it cool that gallimus can move faster than rendered? Imo no. To balance PvP player movement speed needs to be capped at 150% and dino movementspeed something that dino can't move trough the rendering distance without rendering.