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  1. im not sure why your able to sometimes play together, and not others but heres how me and wife set up to both play in 1 singleplayer world (tethered) with 2 xboxes, 2 accounts (my account has xbox gold, hers doesnt) and 1 game purchase: my account is main account, i bought game and have xbox gold. i set the xbox that my wife wants to play on as the home console for her and myself. that means that any games ive installed on that xbox she can play, including online. the other xbox that i play on, i log into and can play on that as usual. so she logs into "main" home console, i log into anot
  2. xbox update, game now wont load past logo screen game updated this morning, all updates inc. ab/scorched/ext etc downloaded fine. i booted the game up, wild card logo, abstraction logo, usually can skip now to title screen but it wont. unreal logo now, then the big A ark logo. at this stage it starts to stutter, then black screen, then nothing, just black screen frozen. xbox still works, tried full shutdown, restarted a few times, gets stuck at same place. anyone else having problems since update?
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