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  1. Actually all my hours are in pvp servers. Regular official and then small tribes. Dont care for the meta that is in them and the the path wild card took them. I simply want the challenge of level and engram cap vs the world with early stage pvp. I dont want to deal with the futuristic and mythical creatures anymore like a mana/dragon thats level 300+ and one shots. And popping gigas out of little futuristic balls while having a good pvp battles. Been there done that its no longer appealing.
  2. Beginner server wipe? So on my calender it shows Oct. 1st. Pretty sure Wild Card has a wipe date of Oct. 1st for beginner servers. Let me guess its delayed or did they just forget. I sometimes wonder if they'll ever get anything right. Not that I really care very much as I gave this game up around a year ago after around 5000 hrs played. But i was interested in coming back for the challenge of the beginner server as I cannot even force myself to go back to regular servers. Anyways so around a week ago and noticed a wipe date so figured i would wait for fresh servers, well here I wait and Wild Card has yet to follow through with something they said. Now I remember this too was a reason for leaving the game.
  3. Well its Oct. 1st lets see if they wipe beginner servers like they said. Knowing them it will be delayed
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