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  1. I looked around to see how much we lost to the roll back it rolled us back close to 6 days cause my gigas are up the 200 tames we raised in last 4 to 5 days are gone my new fjordur base all tek is gone its back in its box the 310k hard poly we farmed gone take 2 days to get back ug other then that was a great day o and the new mate pair of 24k 1600 melee shadowmane I payed for are gone to lol
  2. I don't even know where to start I log in from the roll back raising gigas lol my giga have been done for about 6 days my tribe farmed up 300 and like 10k poly give or take and whole base super big around 15k in structures gone there all back in a vault took me 3 to 4 days of planing and building the base. I understand people got hacked but a week of my tribes time is more then most have for years of there time it's facts I have pic of the base and some the poly its crazy I'm happy people got there stuff back but why are we taking six days away from other people hard work spend 5 to 6 days in My tribes shoes we farm our butts off so many tames and farm just gone just like the people that got hacked we lose so much cause wildcards mess up 100s of tames are just gone lol I can handle farm and tames gone but a whole base is back in a vault I don't want to spend days rebuilding it.
  3. Few days we rolled back a week I log in to giga raising they been done for a week... the 150k poly we farmed is gone the new base we built on fjordur is gone I have screen shots 5 to 6 days of hard work gone all tames we raised gone
  4. On my server 3 of the biggest tribes got hit I won't say server cause I don't want to be next
  5. Some how people are stealing bases on xbox 100s of tribes losing all there stuff all they need to know is the tribe leader game name DILO wildcard u really did it this time....
  6. I seen it first hand dude hacked into or neighbors took everything 1k dino easy and it on xbox not just pc
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