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  1. Well I restarted the server because I found a typo (in the ocean crate customization (SupplyCrate_OceanInstance_C instead of SupplyCrate_OceanInstant_C) which was immediately before Red/Yellow doubles in the ini file, and it appears to have fixed my problem with the double crates. I have no idea why, but they're working now.
  2. All of my custom crate code is working except double red and double yellow beacons. Both of those drop from the default list, for some reason. Can anyone help? Full code is available in this thread, the problematic beacons are quoted below I checked my error log as mentioned in that thread and it is empty.
  3. I was terrified of this being the case, but never tested it. Can you look up the MinQuality and MaxQuality settings of the default crates please Gumballz? You're the best. <3<3 Edit: Misread your comment. These numbers are clarified here Creotor:
  4. So... Any idea about what the green drops that spawn in the swamp cave are? Because they definitely exist. Are they just QualityTier1 cave crates?
  5. Just checked and the increased quality on the double crates isn't nearly as bad as it is on the ocean or cave crates. I'm going to leave the double crates in I think and just let them be slightly boosted.
  6. I should have thought to check double crates after I saw this on underwater ones. Are double crates just as broken?
  7. OK so I've been having a problem balancing the custom loot I put in for cave/ocean drops. So I just did an experiment. I took the exact same code (below, tldr is 20 miner hats between 6 and 7 quality) and put it on white drops and ocean drops. Spawned in some white drops. Every hat I got was a nice 200-500 armor. Exactly what I expected. Quality ranged from apprentice to ascendant, which was weird, but the armor value was alright. Spawned in (again, it's the exact same code) some ocean drops. Almost every hat I got was >1000 armor, many were 1500. They were all ascendant. To make things even weirder, one or two had unremarkable (I'm talking ~129 armor) armor, dura and insulations but were still ascendant quality. There is some crazy messed up multiplier or something that goes into ocean drops and cave drops that makes the stats go crazy. Not sure what to do with them, I'm thinking I may just disable them entirely.
  8. So I'm trying to get more detail on MinQuality and MaxQuality. Did an experiment with the following setup. Basically, it's Gloves between 1.25 and 2.5 quality, Hats between 2.5 and 4.0 quality, and Boots between 4.0 and 4.5 quality. I ran around collecting a bunch of drops and this is what I got: http://i.imgur.com/ctFiB6T.png So my question is why the overlap? What else is factoring into making them Ramshackle, App, etc.? Because something obviously is, since the MinQualities and MaxQualities don't overlap but the categories do.
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