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  1. Will there be small CrossARK clusters added to the new servers?
  2. @Jat Thank you for replying to me on this, but we're all still waiting for an update on this matter.
  3. Finally some progress. Thank you for taking the time! Very much appreciated.
  4. @Jat The way that you've written this is a tad confusing for those of us that play on the small CrossArk clusters. NA-CrossArk 5 The Island, The Center, and Scorched earth etc. Are you referring to the large official crossark cluster, or our small crossark clusters? When are the small CrossArk clusters going to gain access to the Ragnarok map? I've been attempting to get an answer on this for quite some time now - and I had assumed that it wasn't being answered because there would be a wipe. Apparently that is not the case. So what's the plan?
  5. Please don't forget CrossArk Clusters! When will we be gaining access to Ragnarok?
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