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  1. Never activated an event before for single player. If I put in the event tag vday in the settings now, will it activate early? Or will nothing actually start until the 11th? Was thinking of putting the tag in now, just so that when the 11th rolls around I wont forget about it. Dont actually want to start the event earlier than its meant to.
  2. "Click to Watch Trailer" isn't even working for me on either video in the main menu. Is it supposed to open a video in my web browser?
  3. Curious about the chain bola for solo taming a quetz... How long does something chained down with one of those last? Is it long enough to dump 50+ tranq darts into a 150 quetz or am I gonna have to do several attempts on it?
  4. Knowing its coming for next year eases the pain of not participating this year a little. Only a little.
  5. That statement from Jat scares me. Its bad enough we missed out on the skelly skins from halloween that look badass as hell. For personal reasons I wasn't able to enjoy fear evolved on PC, but now that I've moved my gameplay over to the console, I fear I might miss out again.
  6. Any hope for the seasonal events coming to the Xbox One?
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