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  1. Hello, is there a way to run the export app and support all it needs through cli without having the cmd window pop up, its driving me nuts as i have it running every 5 minutes and im doing work on the machine, the window keeps popping up and i have to re-click to get focus on the window i need it to be on. is there an argument at all that makes it so it doesnt open cmd (console) and just does it automatically in background?
  2. Request to see which player has something uploaded when searching in Item Search. Currently only says which Tribe, and "Cluster" inventory. but i have no idea which player in said tribe to contact about said item. Changing Upload color actually changes Vivarium color instead and makes Upload color white.
  3. yea im at least having a really hard time even seeing a difference between the two
  4. would it be possible to change color of the uploaded items so its easier to identify, other than the Long / Lat being 0.0
  5. hello Mirage, another question / problem. when i am searching through tamed creatures and i tick the include uploaded checkbox, it doesnt actually do anything / show anything. i have tested this myself with dinos i have uploaded to the obelisk but they do not show in the program. is there any fix to this? edit 1: i think i know why. the uploaded dinos are uploaded in a soul ball / cryopod would it be possible to see what dino is in said cryopod / soul trap edit 2: even after looking at item search, specifically searching for the soultrap and ticking the uploaded box, it does not show it. the uploads are stored in a seperate "cluster" folder, if that could be why?
  6. Hello MirageUK. I wanted to thank you for the fix! it really saved me a lot of work! i do have a little request.. is it possible to see who in a tribe has placed a certain structure? reasoning is to figure out which player is breaking certain building rules, and i do not want to punish the whole tribe if just a single player is doing it.
  7. appreciate it, thank you very much. yea no idea how that has happened hehe
  8. hmm, thats odd. i have every single water dino disabled (including all fishes) on both servers. (due to none of the water dinos are being used with the mods i run) not sure why it would say it has something to do with the Coel fish I also did a dino wipe, saved world, still not loading.
  9. yes, i have 2 servers running the same mods, same map. one loads fine, one fails, im wondering why this one fails. as nothing should be different between the two (except players and tribes and buildings...)
  10. Hello Mirage. Love your tool and i use it all the time. However, after i just wiped the server, it is now failing to load content from the save. could you take a look at this save file and see whats causing it to fail possibly? Ragnarok.ark (MEGA LINK) would appreciate it very very much, would love to provide more info, but it does not seem the program gives any sort of log when it fails to read content.
  11. love the last feature request you added, helped me a lot! would it be possible to add "spawn selected item" functionality in the Inventory Viewer? say im looking at a inventory of a structure, i select a item in the structure. can there be a button to copy spawn command to clipboard?
  12. Hello! love the tool! question however, is it possible to see which container an item is in when doing an item search instead of just "Structure" like it would tell me if it was in a replicator.. a dedicated storage.. or campfire..?
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