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  1. Unless they met their spouse in game or something. Like I'd rather tattoo a survivor's implant than someone else's name. My best friend met her husband a Vampire the Masquerade game and they have clan tattoos intertwined rather than names.
  2. (NA Official PVE Fjordur) Bred the deinos for kibble eggs, petted the megalosaurus, built a taller fence to keep the yard spinos in the yard. Then I put in my weekly ticket about the [][][] that has completely surrounded and built over the Asgard SW teleport zone and Gacha spawn. Followed that with half an hour translating Portuguese only to discover that it was the same guy that tried to extort me for rock drakes doing it to someone else by pillaring to their base walls. Had a good laugh at it, then went back to making spare narc and kibble for event taming this week. Oh and I tamed yet another compy because they are just so darned cute when they run up and beg for attention!
  3. Hate being trolled with the Evo logo, but love the maewing art by Bo3do3.
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