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  1. 2 minutes ago, Alikona said:

    Except we didn’t and it was removed on normal server restart for us. We have the setting enabled that follows wildcard events and do not need to manually enable/disable them each time. 

    Not sure what platform you are on, but if your unofficial server uses -activeevent=Summer which unofficials would need to do, then it should still be running. There's been no patch released to end the event, so this is why to me it feels more like something the server admins end.

    If you are on console, then i'm not familiar myself with how events work, but i'm sure they'd still need a patch to end the event.

  2. On 7/15/2020 at 10:47 AM, Terence said:

    hello someone has an idea why the event (unofficial server) turned off automatically tonight although the event was extended by a week until July 21st


    3 hours ago, Elgar said:

    Someone at Wildcard didn't get the memo it seems. Community Crunch announced that Summer Bash was extended an extra week, but it was automatically turned off on July 15th.


    2 hours ago, Terence said:

    come on wildcard you can do it better.... activate the summer bash event again for all as your announced ...


    The Devs have no control over unofficial servers.

    I play on unofficial and the event is still running.

    The Devs extending the timer basically means 2 things:

    1) They remove the activeevent= from official servers (that will happen 21st July)

    2) They patch the event out, that will also happen 21st July.

    For unofficial servers you start and end the activeevent= yourself.

  3. 2 hours ago, Elgar said:


    Good to know, thank you. I have my own multiplayer server, vanilla. That means they forgot to extend the timer for us.

    Just to be sure : by active you mean you can still access the recipes in the cooking pot, right ?

    The Devs have no control over unofficial servers.

    I play on unofficial and the event is still running.

    The Devs extending the timer basically means 2 things:

    1) They remove the activeevent= from official servers (that will happen 21st July)

    2) They patch the event out, that will also happen 21st July.

    For unofficial servers you start and end the activeevent= yourself.

  4. 2 hours ago, Rhaya said:

    Now there is a new meshing technique where all of Ab can be meshed. Thought you fixed meshing?? Nope.

    The keyword in your sentence was 'new'.

    If you know of a catch-all fix for meshing and any future exploit of meshing then please put it forward. If not, then don't act like a fix for meshing will never result in new methods being identified by players that like to abuse the game mechanics.

  5. 48 minutes ago, Xxmoon269 said:

    k is it going to come in the future  and when crystal isles comes on console how am I supposed  to get on my console

    It is unlikely mods will come to console if i'm honest. Never say never, but there's no signs to suggest it will.

    Crystal Isles has been officially incorporated into the game, therefore it is now an official mod-DLC, so you will be able to download it like any other DLC for the game. It's the same as Ragnarok, The Center, Valguero...

  6. 17 minutes ago, SnyperJim said:

    I'm on console, i'm guessing you are on pc.

    The cheat menu on single player is already there, it's an option for those wanting to do so and all i am asking for is that players can click rather than typing a whole bunch of cheats in a text box and searching for them on the web.

    Give the command showmyadminmanager a go. This brings up a window on PC where you can select the cheats you want to use. Of course you still need to type that first one in but after that you can use the manager that appears.

    I can't be certain whether it exists on console, but you could give it a try.

  7. Yes this has been reduce on console, however it has only been adjusted server-side for now.

    This means that the client will show the old amounts, but to actually craft it will take the new smaller amount, i.e. 10 etc. Once a client patch has been put through cert then the client will show the new amounts.

    That's the best fix they could do for now on console, it was either that or wait entirely until client-side patch was ready.

    It might still be worth hanging on though until the client patch is released as the event is extended anyway.

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  8. This is nothing but a witch hunt and a crusade.

    Where is the evidence that anyone has attempted to "silence" the bug?

    Whether Jen's tweet was mis-informed by herself, or mis-interpreted by yourself, and the volunteer mods using that tweet as a source, that does not mean that anyone is purposely trying to "silence" the issue.

    So i'll say it again, this topic is NOT about the bug, it is a clear intent to carry out a witch hunt as you clearly care more about a "silencing" conspiracy theory than the actual bug itself.

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  9. 11 hours ago, cardboardking1 said:

    Hi, My friends recently got Ark from the epic games store. I have been playing ark since early beta, and I have always played from the Microsoft store on pc, or xbox. However, We are unable to join each other. We are both on win 10. Can players who got ark for free from the epic games store not play with people who payed for the game?

    Epic's free version is also weird. It has different server search filters. Instead of "official dedicated arks" its "official servers". and so on for the other server types. Idk if this has anything to do with it or not. But I would like to teach them how to play ark, but we cant play together...

    Epic can only play with PC Steam players.

  10. 1 hour ago, Niphorox said:

    @d1nk Thanks for sharing your opinion but I still think there is nothing that can justify what she did, because here is the thing, if she truely really don't care at all, then why even care answer this guy in the first place but by doing so, then it's totaly contradictory her claim. She even wasn't obliged to answer since she no longer was working for Wild Card, so she obviosly did it for either the sake of provocation or she just like to kick people that is laying down. If something is sad, then that are that these type of people excist.


    Another thing I will advice you to consider before defening this person and that is, when working for a company, you will NEVER use your own private account but instead will the employee be given a company account that don't contain any vulnarable information that can be used to trace the worker down in real life or to any of this worker's private accounts. When a worker either leaves or get laid off, then this company account will normally either get shut down or be given to next employee that are going to fill out that position that just got open.


    Since Jennifer Stuber either have kept same account or created a completely identical account that will relate to her time when she worked for Wild Card, then it's also her own fault that people get confused and mistakely think she still works there. Sorry but still gonna say, it's so dang good that she no longer work at Wild Card

    Knowing the way Jen was treated by many in this community then I support her response. You have zero idea of the abuse she used to get from "so-called community" members.

    The fact you are coming here to stir up trouble for someone that no longer works for Wildcard and attempting to smear her name further puts you in the same pot as the "so-called community" that were vile and vulgar towards her when she did work here.

    You raised the bug in this topic, that's great, but what you've turned this topic into is a witch hunt on someone that has nothing to do with ARK anymore. I hope you are proud of yourself.

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