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  1. 36 minutes ago, TJP8ZL said:

    A friend told me about Ark a month or so ago and I was instantly intrigued. Nearly bought it on my computer, but am not much for computer gaming so I decided to wait for the game to release on Xbox One. Super excited to see the preview on the marketplace today and I've already burned through my hour trial and am extremely tempted to invest and continue the fun. But I was just curious as to whether or not purchasing this preview version means I will ALSO have to purchase the retail version when it comes out? If purchasing the preview version now gets me the full version when it drops or at least a decent discount, then I am sold right now! Otherwise I'll likely just be waiting until the June release. Does anyone know about that?

    If you buy the preview version you will get the full version when it is released, no extra cost.

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