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  1. Does it really matter who's right and who's wrong? If this is all people have to worry about at present time then consider yourselves lucky.
  2. DILO is the prehistoric *beep* during the use of unsavoury words.
  3. Don't even need that. All people ever need to do is go to Google and type in 8pm PST. It's as simple as that.
  4. It starts when the update drops, and it drops soon, but there is no time.
  5. Yes, that's the Event rates, not the current 4x harvesting that has been in place the last few days. The event has not started yet, therefore, the in game notice of 4x harvesting is correct.
  6. Unless i've missed something they've never said that 4x is on all rates, only harvesting. It's never been said on the forums that it will be anything but harvesting.
  7. Not yet they don't but as per my earlier post they will.
  8. Try this when ARK is installed: In Steam, go to LIBRARY, Right-click on ARK, click on Properties, Local Files and then Verify Integrity of game files.
  9. Eggcellent Adventure doesn't start until Tuesday, so you haven't downloaded that yet at all.
  10. You need to show a hell of a lot more respect when you are the one asking for help. If you only want people responding that have also experienced the issue then clearly this topic would have zero replies. People ask for screenshots so they can see exactly what you are experiencing. It's called trying to pinpoint a problem. If you were to raise this with a Dev, you know what they'd ask you? That's right, they'd ask you for a screenshot or a video to show the problem. So, start again, have some respect, and maybe you'll get the answers you are looking for. P.S. Poop does not stack, except for when a dino poops twice, then it literally stacks!
  11. Bet it's still better than Lunar element farming!
  12. No-one knows any more than what's in the patch notes until people find out in game, which is half the fun.
  13. Is that iOS app? Because on Android I don't see that option at all.
  14. Such a creature is copyrighted. If they started adding hybrid dinosaurs then it would have to be ones that Wildcard make up.
  15. You've got to consider that not everyone is playing on PC.
  16. More than likely you place the egg down like a structure and then press 'E' (on PC) to crack it.
  17. He must play unofficial then I guess.
  18. It's possible the update did an oopsy and reverted it as it has with teleporting issues. But can't say for certain.
  19. They must know how much you love complaining!
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