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  1. Was the ceiling placed directly on the platform? If so then the ceiling sinks into the platform and when you use the wheel to demolish the ceiling it detects the platform first. It states on the wheel that it is the platform you will be demolishing. Therefore I don't believe the platform gets destroyed because you destroy the ceiling, it's because you are actually destroying the platform itself. That's what i've noticed on PC. Of course it's still an issue that would be good to fix as the ceiling shouldn't sink.
  2. What are you doing on PS4 to try and scan? On PC it is by pressing 'H' which is the extended hud option. Not sure what button that is on PS4 but are you using that button? Also, I assume you are trying this on Genesis itself, as it only functions on that map.
  3. Why would they need to reduce building limit? It makes no difference whether they keep it the same as other maps or reduce it. You seriously using that non-issue as your case for disagreement?
  4. Genesis is a simulation, it's not designed for large bases and dino pens.
  5. The issue is not with you it is with the modded server as the client is meant to be on 306.83. The server admin needs to make sure the server is uptodate along with the mods.
  6. So you mean you don't want to have to change basically 3 values each weekend? I don't think the devs will find any value for this suggestion personally. Just change the values yourself if you want to keep inline with official events.
  7. I'll come back to this list when the dino gets revealed. You've certainly covered a lot!
  8. If I wanted to be super accurate and brilliant i'd be pointing out the difference between the Crunch saying x2 and people saying they are sick of x1 and want it x2. The crunch doesn't state it is x2 of the current x1. It is basically stating it is x2 of current rates. That's being super accurate. No matter how you put it facts are facts, and we could go on at this all day but it's not much fun is it.
  9. Dude i'm fully employed working from home Mon - Fri earning £40k, so yeah i am getting paid. Just pointing out how you make a fuss over one weekend without EVO when those that work weekends go every week without EVO.
  10. All server types is what matter, but for different reasons. Stop putting official servers on a pedestal.
  11. GP

    Wave Ray 64 Mission

    Yeah 1:54 is pretty impossible, i'd expect that sort of time for Alpha not Beta.
  12. GP

    Wave Ray 64 Mission

    Wave Ray 64 Mission Ok, can someone explain this for me. I completed the Wave Ray 64 GAMMA mission, with 135.841 time. When I started BETA race it starts me off at 1:54 which doesn't give me enough time to reach the end. Yet when I watch videos of BETA on youtube they are starting with 2:54. Can anyone explain why i'm only getting 1:54 start on BETA?
  13. Wildcard don't develop the Mobile version, so they'd have nothing to say about that. That's developed by WarDrum.
  14. As the post states it will come with a new real-world dinosaur.
  15. I wouldn't say it does tbh. My servers are keeping flyers disabled as it feels like the map would be too easy to have them, and disabling missions takes away a big portion of content including endgame and bosses. The only thing we have enabled is cave building as we have on all maps.
  16. Yes, but some areas in PvE caves since this latest patch have now become Mission areas that result in blocking building. So some areas as a result of this cannot be built in even with allow cave building because of the new mission areas. So it won't impact all PvE cave building on private servers, but it does impact quite a bit regardless of cave building settings.
  17. I know what you meant, but today's x1 is actually x2 of the original rates. So people think of the normal rates now as x1 but they technically are x2. So anyone that wants the normal rates to become x2 standard means that it would technically be x4 rates.
  18. x2 already is standard. What you are asking for is x4 to be standard.
  19. This is only good really for official servers, not so good news for private servers. Another clear example of how issues on official servers impact on private servers that never had issues with it in the first place.
  20. What does that have to do with anything? All that shows is the type of person you are.
  21. What about all those people that work weekends and can never experience the Evo events, they finally get a once-in-a-liftetime special Evo event in the week to enjoy. You don't get a weekend event on one occasion and you claim it's unfair. Geez what an attitude.
  22. Which ones are deleted? Looking at your profile there are several from yesterday that you posted, they are all here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/profile/860439-angelcanon/ Including your wall of text where you explain why you think Genesis sucks. So doesn't look like anything was deleted at all.
  23. Genesis is a prime example that some people can't accept change. It's also called taking for granted. Getting a DLC with another open world map, new dinos, blah blah blah, people will tame the new dinos and bugger off back to their favourite maps. Genesis brings new stuff to the fold. Very different from the previous 3 DLCs. A change was needed most certainly. But changes will please some and not others. But, if you wanted a DLC that is the same as all the others, then you've still got all the others. Those that wanted a big change from the same old DLCs now get something new. This whole "I want flyers wah wah" gets boring fast. It got boring fast with Aberration and now it's here again. If you can't survive without flyers then you are not a true survivor.
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