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  1. There won't be questions. It's not Wildcard streaming the reveal, it's Xbox. If people do ask questions there's likely no answer as they won't know much more than us.
  2. GP

    Cryopods in pvp

    Only one way to find out.
  3. No, the reveal will be happening here in approximately 20 minutes from now. https://mixer.com/xbox
  4. GP


    @iTriceratops think about it for a second, Extinction is not released yet, therefore there will be nothing in the base game to do with Extinction yet You're either running mods, or it's a primitive plus thing, not sure, but it's not an Extinction thing.
  5. They've said in single player that you can make them permanent tames, but that you can only have 1 at a time, you'll need to sacrifice one to get another one.
  6. GP

    Cryopods in pvp

    Cryopods will not use dino slots, so yes there will be an issue of when a server reaches tame cap again then any dinos in cryopods are unlikely to be retrieved. However, players still have the option of adding another of their dinos into a cryopod and quickly remove the one they want. But yeah there will be issues to a degree, but in a lot of cases it will help.
  7. GP

    Cryopods in pvp

    Hopefully they would come out as bags/boxes, but it's currently unknown as to how it will work specifically. And yes it is a good idea to reduce server lag, however, it also as I mentioned comes down to whether people chose to use them. If there are tribes with lots of dinos but don't want other players building up, yes there are many servers like that, then obviously they would chose not to use them.
  8. GP

    Make it harder to inside people

    Insiding a tribe very much is PvP. Player vs Player, therefore, another tribe sends of some covert saboteurs with a mission to sabotage another tribe by gaining their trust, getting recruited then carrying out sabotage. How can people not understand that on PvP this is a legitimate war tactic. On PvE it shouldn't really be possible because there should be no PvP aspect, but that's another issue altogether. As a tribe leader on PvP you are responsible for your tribe, and although you are right, you can only do so much, you still have an obligation to accept FULL responsibility for what happens inside your tribe. Are you to blame? Not really, but you are responsible. You accepted that responsibility by either making yourself tribe leader or getting voted in as tribe leader. So yes, insiding is everything to do with PvP and Wildcard should not do anything to make it harder.
  9. GP

    Cryopods in pvp

    There would be an easy solution to that, as it is a cryopod that would suggest it is a structure of sorts, as it's a pod. Therefore maybe to release a dino from it you need to place the cryopod down on the ground, therefore meaning you can't do it inside someone's base. But of course we don't know much about how it works yet. Also not sure what tier it is, but it is not an engram/tekgram that is unlocked by beating bosses. The other big questions you need to ask is what happens if you destroy someone elses cryofridge? Do the dinos pop out, and if so what happens if the server is capped. Also, what happens if you have loads of dinos in a cryofridge and you want to pop some out yourself but the server is at tame cap? Because at some point servers will cap again, not in all cases, but in many.
  10. We don't know yet the details on how the cryopods will be crafted, however, they are not an engram/tekgram that is unlocked by beating any bosses, so to me that sounds like it won't necessarily be as long to get.
  11. Well it's a step in the right direction, but I wouldn't say it is over, after all, people on official servers will still need to choose to use them. If they choose not to then there will still be tame limitations. All depends on who plays on the server and what they are like.
  12. No because Scorched Earth is just desert, and Extinction is clearly not just desert. Just because there won't be a large amount of water doesn't mean it will be completely dry and barren. Aberration doesn't have a large body of water, more so than Scorched, but it is still a small amount compared to Island.
  13. Tames can't become corrupted I don't think, just like tames on Aberration can't become Aberrant, so don't think you've got anything to worry about with transferring dinos to Extinction. Not all of the other DLC creatures will be in Extinction, in fact i've not seen any Aberration creatures revealed yet.
  14. GP

    Expected New things in Extinction!

    Well actually it's more like, it is information populated by people not associated with Wildcard. It may be labelled as official ARK wiki, but it is not updated by Wildcard staff. That's why any information on there regarding Extinction should be taken as rumour unless officially confirmed by Wildcard here, or in trailer videos or twitter etc.
  15. GP

    Extinction on Extra Life Event?

    They are taking part in it again. https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=42225