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  1. Nobody got any of the official DLC's for free, everyone will have paid for them. The only free ones are The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero and Primitive Plus.
  2. Sounds to me like there's an issue with your game, because if you are getting coal and mistletoe, presumably from Raptorclaus drops, then you should be getting a Chibi from every Raptorclaus drop. Gachclaus doesn't guarantee a Chibi, but Raptorlaus does. So if you aren't even getting them from Raptorclaus then there's definitely an issue.
  3. Was what announced at Aberration release? Legacy servers became separated from the new official servers. None of the Legacy servers got wiped. Some got recommissioned for new servers. I assume that's your attempt at calling something a wipe? This topic is about official servers getting wiped. There has been no point where official servers got wiped.
  4. Are you on single player or unofficial server with custom levels? i.e. the xp override ramp thingy-ma-bob? If so then it's related to the Chibi levels and you need to add the extra 5 levels, like for ascension. If it's on official, then no idea.
  5. No it's not true. Since when was there ever a wipe with a DLC release? People just scaring you.
  6. The DLC hasn't released yet, you've only pre-ordered the actual content.
  7. I know what's been said, it's been late January for ages. I was referring to the person referring to it being on time (i.e. 1st January).
  8. Who said anything about 1st January or being on time? They haven't even announced a date yet.
  9. GP

    Imprint = 0%

    I'm not entirely sure the issue, but one thing springs to mind when looking at your image but it may be correct. Does using a comma work for settings? Like 0,1 ? I understand why you use a , because it's a European thing, but everywhere else we use a 'period'. So it would be 0.1. I don't know if you are using a European host or anything, but I would have thought the game itself would only read figures as 0.1 not 0,1? EDIT: Unless the panel you are using then writes it as 0.1 into the INI, then that rules it out of being an issue.
  10. I believe it should be POST ascension as it works in the same way as ascension ones do. Each ascension allows +15 levels, so the extra 5 will be allocated to Chibi levelling.
  11. But they add it to HLN-A then it makes the efforts people have done during the event pointless. Playing on PvP comes with risks, one of those being raided. People gotta accept that.
  12. I'm unsure, but I suspect yes. Allowing people on competitive official servers to gain 5 levels during a short period where many will be spending their time with families rather than playing video games and then taking that away so that many players won't be able to get those levels anymore would kinda be unfair. Of course there will be the issue of new players not being able to get Chibis after the event, which would still cause the same issue, but I suspect the levelling side will still be possible.
  13. Why not just collect a few Chibis now so you have them after the event?
  14. Mine has never reset, I still upload mine to the transmitter until I get my 5 extra levels, regardless of whether there is any so called fix. I don't understand why people take such risks knowing there have been issues.
  15. You bought the Season Pass for Genesis. What you purchased was a pre-order. Genesis part 1 is releasing late January. I suggest you pay more attention to what you purchase before paying for stuff.
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