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  1. GP

    Tips for Megalosaurus taming?

    No it doesn't debuff Megalo's.
  2. Yup that's what I mentioned in my post. Ariana however seems to think otherwise!
  3. Please explain to me where you think I spoke wrongly?
  4. GP


    What do you mean new Trikes and Raptors? Everything should be on The Center in regards to dinos.
  5. There are these settings that may be in the GUS.ini. MaxTamedDinos=xxxx MaxPersonalTamedDinos=xxx The second one is optional, but not sure if the first one is. If the second one is in the GUS.ini then you will see it in your survivors inventory.
  6. GP

    Alpha aggro

    Depends on the settings. Spikes can be set to hurt wild dinos or not. If they are set not to hurt then they just walk into them and bounce off. If they are set to hurt they will agro like any dino. Depends on your server settings.
  7. GP

    Mods for Consoles

    PC can only play sponsored mods IF they play single player or unofficial. PC players that play official are in the same situation as console.
  8. I have updated the OP. Plenty more space still! Come join The Gamers ARK. If you are interested join us over on the Discord: https://discord.gg/S3XuWFU
  9. GP

    Argentavis picking

    Single Player is PvE anyway.
  10. GP

    Argentavis picking

    What you said has nothing to do with what the OP is talking about. On PvE servers flyer pickup is disabled, yet with the new Argent beak grab it can pick up certain dinos. If flyer pickup is disabled on official PvE servers, and an Argent can grab a dino in its beak then that is likely a bug.
  11. GP

    Mods for Consoles

    DragonPunk is not coming to console, nor is it coming to PC. It is still simply a sponsored mod just like all the other sponsored Mods. S+ is the only sponsored mod confirmed to be coming to console and PC.
  12. Have you unsubscribed from it on Steam workshop?
  13. I believe this may be an Nvidia issue. Reinstall your GPU drivers etc. or revert to the previous driver.
  14. Well I doubt it will be fixed then as the event itself is over. Whether people chose to run the event on their own server is upto them, but I doubt there is a priority for the cooking pot in all honesty.
  15. Is the event still running on Prim + because the event officially ended earlier this week on Tuesday.