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  1. Thank you Xirna for your Wyvern King picture. He is missed
  2. April Fools jokes are meant to be harmless and funny. This is neither. So, either way, I'm done. BTW, this is not a wipe, a wipe indicates that the server is still there and playable, but it's fresh. They are deleting the servers completely and you can't play with the version you have on official servers. I've been rather bored with Ark anyway and only rendering in bases because I didn't want to lose years of work/breeding. But with this news, I'm just done with WC and their BS. Joke or not.
  3. Unfortunately there is no way to transfer from xbox official to cross play. I realize it's cross play , but, even if the player bought it through Microsoft and not Steam it's just not possible at this time.
  4. If you are putting things in Ark Data, there is a bug/glitch or intentional thing. If it doesn't show up in Ark Data, the items are still there - assuming it's not been 24 hours. Go into Ark Data, then up to search. Click the search button (as if you are going to type something), then back out. Your items will now show up. This changed a couple of years ago and freaked me out the first time it happened. Thought I lost everything.
  5. If you notice the word 'me' stays stationary. That is what you use, not the arrow.
  6. This makes perfect sense, Thank You both. I used to have my tek gen turned up all the way and left my teleporter (on the roof) open so anyone could use it. Since I don't play much anymore, I turned the gen down and therefore, the TP isn't running.
  7. By this I mean I used to (last time was October-ish) put out 2 mated Gachas with 4 owls, leave for a couple of days, then when I came back to harvest they would be black boxed with pellets. Now, I put them out and they only collect the owl pellets while I'm in render. Filling them with pellets enough to harvest crystals takes a lot of time, which is why I left them for a couple of days (either logged off or left server, making sure the troughs are full) When and Why did this change? Edit: Xbox official PVE
  8. This happens to me with Thylas. Don't know why, they are not at level cap. Next time you do a live birth, put out a parasaur on turret mode. That way if they do mesh into the ground, at least you will know where to look.
  9. Since when has WC checked anything before putting it into action? Look at all the times events have broken the servers for days or a week.
  10. My base is on Fjordur. I took a bunch out, unclaimed them, shot them and tamed some Fjordhawks.
  11. Problem with that is I've had alpha's spawn inside the walls. Heck, I've had them spawn inside my metal base for that matter. Not supposed to happen, but if they spawn inside the walls then at least with a metal base they won't kill you and all your babies that are out if the babies are inside your metal base. (unless they spawn inside your base. I had to start leaving a lvl 450 thyla out on aggressive to protect them)
  12. I don't think it's Microsoft. If it was, then I wouldn't be able to use every word (including the F bomb) in a MS chat. It's only Ark that seems to have this radical of a filter.
  13. I haven't been playing much (I'm bored of Ark), just been rendering in bases. But if this is true and I can no longer sort by 'raw', this may be the straw. This just made the game so very much harder.
  14. Except that it lived in the Cretaceous
  15. It's because you are playing 'timers- the video game' and not Ark. I play PVE and transfer timers of any kind make no sense at all.
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