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  1. neurodaemon

    Smithy limitation? I cannot make my high grade Saddles

    So I just received another Journeyman Blueprint, this time for a Mosasaur Platform Saddle... and the materials are insane! 163 item slots required to craft, on a Smithy which only has 60. 2 Impossible crafts, I hope a new smithy comes out with unlimited item slots or something. The algorythm the devs are using to generate these JM BP's just doesn't fit with current in-game technology lol. Check it out. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583792875
  2. During the Christmas event I received a super good Blueprint, unfortunately I can't use it. I found a Journeyman Quetzal Platform Saddle Blueprint and it is impossible to craft. The amount of materials required to craft this item, which can be crafted at a Smithy, outnumbers the amount of available item slots in a Smithy! I need 72 item slots to craft this item and the Smithy can only hold 60. I really would like to craft the item but can't... Please help resolve this issue.