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  1. The amount of crying over an INCOMPLETE EARLY ACCESS game is insane. Like what the crap are they supposed to do to make money to work on ASA? Not even that. What are they supposed to do to continue making money to pay the staf? To pay staff insurance? To pay for staff supplies? ASE was only going to be able to make so much money for so long before it couldn't turn a buck anymore. And I'm sorry, you can't run a company purely on loans. Eventually you'll have to pay that back with interest. WC should drop out of snail and find a better business partner.
  2. To all the little guys at Wild Card: keep working hard. You're doing the best you can with what you've been given. I am thoroughly enjoying the game. It's a big step up from ASE for me, now they I have access to mods. Keep working on your end, and I'll keep myself entertained with mods for now. And to all the Big Guys at Wild Card: back off and let the team do their job. You'll still get your pay check once they've finished working 12+ hours to meet your impossible deadlines.
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