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  1. My son plays on his PS4 and says he's seen them, too.
  2. If you want to replace them, you'd have to make a config edit. Look for the Game.ini file under the folder "...ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\" then under the line at the top, which is "[/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode]", you want to add "NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Dodo_Character_BP_Birthday_C",ToClassName="")" so that the top two lines in the file look like this: [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Dodo_Character_BP_Birthday_C",ToClassName="") The above line under the header will replace Party Dodo spawns with something else (unspecified in this example). You'd want to use the "destroywilddinos" command to get your population to respawn and they should be gone after that, although this currently seems like an erroneous spawn to me. I could be wrong, maybe they just have them spawning during these times. If you need help w/ that config stuff, let know. This is a single player mode example, so if you're playing on a server, this won't help unless you're the one who set up it's config. I created a bug report: I found an older post where I noticed this:
  3. I think Lost Island was the other map I was thinking of, but it's been a while. As for Gacha Claus, the map was relatively new during the Winter Wonderland event. It's the map I played the event on. It'd make sense for them to be there in a single player game that hasn't been visited since then. I was afraid all the Dodos were Party Dodos, but I found some regular ones. The cake they carry is pretty much worthless to me. Thanks for helping confirm that erroneous Party Dodo spawns aren't a new issue.
  4. I found some Party Dodos. I seem to recall they were in another map by mistake. I'm not sure if it's a bug, so I haven't reported it. I'm using the Awesome Spyglass mod which gives outlines and details (including map coords). I killed others, but found one after writing this and figured I'd add a screen shot.
  5. I like to take my unwanted creatures and turn them on "aggressive" and "wandering" and see how they do. Many survive, not all do. I got confused for a while (even file a bug report), because I kept finding mammoths that gave me an option to claim them. I thought I some how lost claim to them until I finally realized that they were breeding. I do this in single player mode.
  6. I think howling wolves are normal, IMO, I don't usually see them when I hear it, I think it's mostly ambient, unless you're around wolves for sure. This new sound, though, it has to be something big and as big as it sounds it's hard to believe it's just ambient. I suspect it has something to do with a boss on the map.
  7. I'm assuming it's a boss, but does anyone have a clue what's growling in the background sometimes? I think it's usually at night. It's interesting. I bet it's Krampus. LOL
  8. Can I suggest three? Homalocephale, Dryosaurus, Nigersaurus. The first is perhaps the cutest dino ever. Dryosaurus and Nigersaurus are, too.
  9. 1-5 is true, but getting only 1 is much more common. I've been surprised to find 3 or even 5 sometimes.
  10. Kill Dodorex with an Argy. It might take a few minutes or so, but you an fly above it's head and attack it without getting hurt. It often gets stuck in place while you're attacking it. At least that's been my single player experience. Dodowyvern instantly killed me though.
  11. There is a console command (GiveAllExplorerNotes) you can use to give yourself all Explorer Notes, but it will either take a while and appear to crash (I read this happens on consoles) or the game will crash like it did for me on PC. I think I fixed it by going near an Explorer Note chest and using the command. This was my work around for the impossible to get one(s).
  12. You may have to respawn or rather die and then respawn. This makes skins reappear in your inventory, unless you or the server you're on has the setting that disables this. I recommend putting all your good stuff away in a storage locker and then kill yourself. (Wow, that just sounds bad, at least we're not talking about IRL.)
  13. I tamed a Dodorex w/ my Taming Gun (a mod that basically does a force tame) in single player mode, but I exited the game and when I came back it had disappeared, so I don't think it's actually permanent. *Update* I just noticed the news of this event mentions that both the DodoWyvern and DodoRex are untamable bosses. You can get the other zombie wyverns and keep them, though, they won't disappear.
  14. I got that error a while ago and it seemed to be because I was not connected to the Internet, even though I was playing in single player mode. It resolved itself when my Internet connection was restored. I think it has to do with CloudFare (I think that's what it's called). I can't really help, but read some of the old messages in this thread, try out the things we tried and see if something works for you. Otherwise, I recommend submitting a bug report.
  15. Yeah, I know and I agree, that is why if I found a typo in the real dossier, I didn't change it on the wiki. That can make sense. You're right, too, I know there are discrepancies between what the dossier says and how something really behaves. Many wiki entries point this out.
  16. I've been reading the wiki and I noticed a some typos in some dossiers. I checked the image of the dossiers and noticed that the typo is there. In the Kaprosuchus dossier, the typos i's at the start of the second paragraph in the bottom left hand corner of the dossier which reads: "Secondly, its attacks the prey's vital areas specifically to drain its stamina." I think that first "its" is supposed to be "it." So, it would read: "Secondly, it attacks the prey's vital areas specifically to drain its stamina." The Morellatops dossier has a typo in the second sentence. It reads: "On top of that, it has developed to ability to store water in its humps like a camel." The part is the "developed to ability" and I believe it should be "developed the ability." I think that's what was meant. I found another on the Scout manual, which I noticed is in-game as well (so the wiki is verbatim). It's with the second sentence that reads: "Though many of them can be found monitoring the empty streets the abandoned city..." I'm sure that instead of "the empty streets the abandoned city" it there should be an "of" between "streets" and "the" so it'd read: "the empty streets of the abandoned city..." I know it's minor, but I seem to have an eye for these things, which is why I signed up to help edit the wiki to fix these kinds of errors. I know none of us are perfect, I definitely make mistakes, too.
  17. I'm not sure. I haven't tried any of the missions. I tried some in Gen1, but it seemed pretty difficult for a single player, so I've ignored missions since then. If you want more details, here it is on the wiki: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Rockwell_Prime
  18. Good point. Rockwell's requirements aren't artifacts. Instead, you're supposed to complete all missions and have a certain number of mutagen depending on the level of difficulty you're attempting. Just for clarification, if you want to do the Alpha fight, you have to complete all Alpha missions and have 24 mutagen. Since I was grabbing explorer notes and not fighting the impossible boss battles on my own, I used console commands to give me access and mutagen in my single player game.
  19. Yeah, I see. I'm not aware of any caves on Gen2, except for the one where you get to Rockwell's arena. I didn't see any drops when I was there, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any. I visited it multiple times to get explorer notes, but I also tried to hurry up and GTFO of there. LOL
  20. This topic can be deleted. TL;DR GiveAllExplorerNotes command crashes game in single player mode. Yes, I was standing on top of one and the command still crashed the game. I need help. Not all explorer notes are unlockable, Genesis Pt. 1 doesn't give you all of the Story notes even if you visit each glitch. One explorer note in Extinction is unobtainable without ghosting. I've collected most of them, but am missing some. I'm ready to give myself all of them but "cheat giveallexplorernotes" crashes my game. I found topics, including here, that talked about this, but a solution I found that said you have to be standing next to one and then type the command still crashed my game. I teleported to one of Santiago's on Genesis Pt. 2 and used the command, but it still crashed my game. Is there anything I can do? I know I could type them individually with "giveexplorernote" and then the number corresponding to the particular note, but I don't know how many explorer notes are in the game right now. I'd like to either find out how many there are in total so I can enter the command individually, even though it'll take some time or find out which number relates to which note, so I can individually unlock the ones I'm missing. The info I'm finding on this is older than Gen2, so I don't have the new info I need. Can someone help? Thanks. GiveAllExplorerNotes command crashed my game. I looked for help and thought I needed updated info, but it turns out a solution I had found actually worked. I fixed it by standing on top of an explorer note box and using the command. Another post showed how this was in a patch note saying you had to be "next" to an explorer note. Apparently I wasn't close enough the first time I tried it (I did immediately get attacked upon teleport and thus apparently wasn't close enough, so I used destroywilddinos, teleported, got on top of the note box and used the command and it worked).
  21. Yeah, though I'm referring to Genesis 2 and I don't think those exist, although maybe I haven't explored enough to find them, I've only seen the obvious ones on the surface. I also haven't tried to find this answer for myself via Google or the wiki (which is what I would normally do), I figured I'd just ask if anyone's found what I want. Thanks for the input, I do appreciate it!
  22. That makes sense, because I changed the time to make oil appear and have been changing it to 12:00. Thanks for the info!
  23. Oops! Thanks! I'll try to fix that. Well you don't normally see Plesi saddles in drops and I have a few of them. I'm getting more Rex saddles than normal, too. I know you can get Argy (and Rex, I believe) saddles from fishing, though. I got a Ramshackle one on Scorched Earth.
  24. 1) Has anyone else noticed a shift in the color of supply drops from green to red? I've noticed recently all of them are red for me now and I don't know why. Is this because of what level I am or how many explorer notes I've found? If someone knows, please let me know. It's not necessary knowledge, just a curiosity. #1 was answered see reply 2) Has anyone found an Argy saddle in a supply drop? That's the saddle I want most, but I'm getting other worthless saddles (I have lots of Phiomia saddles for instance), but definitely no Argy. I did get some Rex saddles, though, but my Phiomia, Plesi, and Megalosaurus saddles show I'm not getting what I really want (Giga and Quetzal saddles would be welcome, too). I don't know what the loot table for these drops are. I'm also not quite convinced that the color of the drops relates to the quality of items as it does on every other map. I remember getting some wildly outstanding stuff when they were green, but I think I get the same stuff now that they're all red.
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