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  1. GregoPeck

    What Tek Creatures Drop Upon Death

    Yeah, electronics and oil makes sense. Element shards makes sense, too. Thank you everyone for your input!
  2. GregoPeck

    What Tek Creatures Drop Upon Death

    I figured they're powered by element. I didn't think it'd be a bad way of getting element, since they're kind of rare. They could be solar powered though. Thanks for agreeing with the metal part though!
  3. It seems to me that Tek creatures are completely inorganic, made of metal. If this is true, then it doesn't make sense for them to drop meat and hide when you kill them. Instead, I suggest, it'd make more sense if they dropped metal, cementing paste, and element (assuming they're powered by it). I think that would be pretty cool.
  4. GregoPeck

    Add Daeodon to Aberration

    I didn't think of that. Plant Z has already been nerfed enough, I miss when it was much more effective.
  5. GregoPeck

    Add Daeodon to Aberration

    I think it makes sense to add Daeodon to Aberration. Pigs like mushrooms, should be convincing enough. However, their utility is extremely important, especially during boss fights. They are on the other story arks, and I believe they're a perfect fit for Aberration.
  6. GregoPeck

    No Arkaeology Event?

    Ooh, I overlooked that somehow, thank you!! I was actually wondering if there was a command line activation code, I remember they did that at least once before.
  7. GregoPeck

    No Arkaeology Event?

    @invincibleqc Are you playing on a server or single player? I spent some more time on the Island and never saw any fossil piles. I wonder if it's a single player issue or because I'm using a group of mods.
  8. GregoPeck

    No Arkaeology Event?

    Thanks! I wonder why I haven't seen any. Maybe I haven't spent enough time on the ground.
  9. GregoPeck

    No Arkaeology Event?

    So, I'm pretty sure I read that the Arkaeology Event is for all official maps, right? Because, I haven't seen any of the special things to get bones from in Aberration. Has anyone else seen them?
  10. GregoPeck

    Happy Birthday ARK: Year Three!

    Happy Birthday beloved Ark, my favorite game! I've spent many many many more hours playing Ark than any other game ever and I'm still playing! Thank you Studio Wildcard! I look forward to what's in store for Ark's future.
  11. It's 2018 and I'm looking for a new map to play. I do own and love all Ark DLC and would like to find a map that includes them. I've looked through some maps, even found some that caught my eye. But, I'd like to know, what's your favorite map mod (especially containing both DLC)?
  12. GregoPeck

    Rock Drakes Sometimes Walk Off After Dismount

    Drakes are great, but they are difficult to control. I've accidentally fallen or jumped into liquid element, too. I've seen such things happen to my favorite YouTubers as well. Thanks for the input!
  13. GregoPeck

    Which surface area is best for drop farming?

    I didn't really notice, however that does explain why I hate that ob, because it does have a red light going through it, which makes me think it's a red supply drop. LOL I'm not sure which area has given me the best loot. I think I've seen red drops in each of them. I got my Ascendant Rock Drake saddle bp from one of them, but can't recall which area I got it in. I'm playing single player and it seems that drops occur in an area start with about 2 at a time and then tapers off to one and then none for a while,. I wait until it seems there aren't going to be anymore and hit up the next area and then repeat.
  14. GregoPeck

    Which surface area is best for drop farming?

    Red Ob? Aren't all the obelisks purple? Anyway, I was wondering this myself. I have a favorite one in the north east, because it's small and easy to traverse. I don't have trouble finding the entrance like I do in the other two areas. Personally, I don't know which is best, they all seem to be pretty good (or bad depending on how you look at it). So, with my experience I'd say that the best is entirely up to what the player prefers. The south west one is the most dangerous one to get to, while the north east is the easiest (and smallest). I know of two entrances to the one in the north west. If anyone actually has a factual answer, I'd love to see it. I just visit all three and leave one when it seems that supply crates are no longer dropping, then I move on to the next. Good luck finding that Ascendant Rock Drake saddle! I found one and it's awesome (and extremely expensive to craft).
  15. GregoPeck

    Creature AI broken

    Time to necro a post! Yeah I noticed that cave spawns don't move, they just stand there until you get close enough to them. I don't know if this is intended, if so I presume that they just can't see in a dark cave, but that doesn't make sense, especially since Featherlights and Charge Bugs create light and therefore should be able to see. So, yeah, it seems like a bug.