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  1. My EVGA 1660Ti XC Gaming Edition works fine in Ark at 1080p. However, I would recommend using the "high" preset instead of "epic" or the settings Geforce Experience uses because that preset will get you about 60 FPS while the "epic" or GE settings will get you about 30 FPS. I play on a 60hz monitor and I use VSync, so I don't see more than 60 FPS, because I don't like screen tearing.
  2. GregoPeck


    I'm quite sure they do hurt wild animals. I use a mod called Awesome Spyglass and, among other stats, it shows the health of wild creatures. I'm sure I've seen this drop for wild ones affected by an avalanche. So yeah, I'd recommend keeping taming away from avalanches.
  3. Magmasaur Not Smelting Unless Uploaded and Downloaded I ran across an issue where my Magmasaur was not smelting, even after I had enabled it. I read that it could be due to a stacking mod, which I am using. However, some one on Steam, in the same discussion, figured out that by uploading and downloading the Magmasaur at an obelisk makes this smelting feature work. I tried it and it worked for me, even though I am using StackMeMore. I don't know if this is a bug, intended, or just a sneaky way of getting this to work as one would like, but I thought I'd report it. I did try this without mods and it didn't seem to work still. I did uninstall and delete my mods to test. I can't recall whether or not it worked without any mods, but it did work in my game after the upload and download. This is also in single player mode.
  4. Flying Creatures Issue in Underwater Air Pocket and Bloodstalkers Dying There I feel like I found a safe place to put my creatures. There's a square pocket of air in the ocean biome around 25/44. Unfortunately, they don't really like this area. My flying creatures don't stay grounded. I moved them there with the help of the Awesome Transporter mod. During and after moving them from the bog, I noticed some were at the very top of this air pocket. I lost one Stego to a Megalodon. I also noticed at least one Carno, Daedon (pig), and Pteranodon basically swimming above. I had to rescue them. I finally decided to use the S+ Hitching Post in the Structures Plus mod to make sure they all stay put, but my flying creatures still don't stay grounded, they're forever hovering above ground. I did notice that if they are unhitched they'll land eventually. I've reported seeing creatures glitch through the bottom of the map while in the bog, but I think something like this may have happened in this air pocket, too, as I lost some Bloodstalkers. I know this is a minor issue, but I think this is a really nice and safe place to store my creatures. I am playing in single player mode. Now I'm looking at the other air pocket I discovered from Sl1pg8r's video, though that one seems to be better for some rarer resources. *Update* So, I found a Tapejar of mine flying just above the water above this air pocket I described. I removed the hitching post it looked attached too, but that didn't fix it. I took an Argy, teleported to my island then flew to the Tapejar. It couldn't follow me, because it was still hitched apparently, so I used the fly command to fly up to it and unhitch it manually from it's radial dial. Then, I had it follow me to land. Then, I teleported back to this air pocket. I decided to try this whole thing again and I used the fly command to unhitch all of my flying creatures, just as I had done to the Tapejar. They all landed. Everything was fine when I teleported out and then back in again. Then I got into the game menu and hit "quit game" to go back to the game's main menu. I hit Alt-Tab (I think) and backed up my files and then went back into the game, so I never did completely exit the game. I went back to that air pocket and my flying creatures were stuck flying again and my Bloodstalkers looked like they were in free fall. I telported back to the bog, but then saw that two of my Bloodstalkers were killed, so I went back to the air pocket and my last Bloodstalker was killed. Luckily, I regularly back up my game files and I reverted to a file when they were alive and I just took the Bloodstalkers and kept them back in the bog. I want to move out of the bog due to the insect swarms, maybe I just need to find a better place that isn't so out in the open. But, I'm just reporting here that there seems to be an issue with having creatures in this air pocket, maybe they just don't belong there, but it looks like a great place to keep them and have a base.
  5. Hey @GP did you find a cave in the lunar biome? If so, could you tell me the coordinates, please? Thanks. *Update* From another thread, I found a video showing them.
  6. GregoPeck

    Lunar Biome Damage

    Lunar Biome Damage in single player mode. Sometimes when I teleport to the Lunar biome, me and my tames take damage. I have no idea why this is, it's like we're all being hit. I do see when I'm freezing or burning, but this issue is not that. Maybe it's the radiation, I'm not sure. It does seem to go away after a while though. *Update* It might be related, but I just went into a green cloudy area and it did that damage to me. However, I wasn't enveloped in it before.
  7. I believe the person meant left SHIFT, as that is how to sprint/climb walls.
  8. I just thought I'd let you know I tamed a Ferox in the Arctic biome at around 82 42, the eastern side of the biome. They're small, like Jerboas and can be hard to see, but they are there.
  9. I can't, leeches aren't in the bog in single player mode, along with other things like sarcos and kapros. This might be a big though. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Bloodstalkers are in the bog kind of close to the middle in some of the big trees. I've seen them, even tamed two of them. Again, I'm also playing in single player mode.
  11. It did happen again, but I didn't see anything around causing the damage. At one point, I did see a beam of light surrounding me. Maybe it is these attack drones, I'm still not sure what's going on when I get there.
  12. All of them or just the Tek versions of the ones we can normally tame? I haven't explored the lunar biome much and I've only seen Tek creatures there so far. I use a mod called Awesome Spyglass that usually tells me if a creature is tameable, but it doesn't work in the lunar biome. Thanks for the info!
  13. Tek Creature Taming & Breeding? Can you tame and breed the Tek creatures that are in the lunar biome?
  14. Hm, that could explain it, but it didn't last very long. I really have no idea what it was. I thought it was radiation, that's why I posted this, but it doesn't seem irradiated there.
  15. Thanks for the info, I'll be on the look out for those caves. I also thought about the invisible creatures, but I don't think I did any damage to one or anything. I don't think that was it, it just disappeared after a while though. Yeah, I saw this, too. It's kind of how I noticed Pteranodons spawning on the Island, they just fell from the sky.
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