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  1. The modern one is much larger then the extinct but you are correct they remain almost entirely unchanged from over 100 million years ago, I swear I also read that they don't know how long these fish live and some estimate them to live for centuries.
  2. I remember writing a book report on the person who "discovered" the modern cousins of the once thought extinct coelcanths. It's was in South Africa around the turn of the 20h century and I think they had it stuffed and mounted. Google should have a pic of that now famous fish.
  3. i can't wait! Hopefully it won't take too long to find a 120. I swear sometimes RNJessus shows me no love and only spawns in 120 fish and bugs .
  4. Thanks god they fixed the pillar issue. This affected several of our buildings and it made bridges obsolete. Thanks WC. I will say that making the Titanasour a temp tame was sneaky and low but hopefully you change your mind on that.
  5. CApKiller

    Offline Raiding

    Yah, those pesky unintended consiquences are a mofo. So this would be a terrible idea to fully adopt without proper testing.
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