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  1. I would have to agree, out of all the events Fear Evolved was the best. For me it’s all about the music and the atmosphere. I loved seeing the large dodorex moon and the autumn coloured trees. I loved raptor clause also. I think events that feel special, even when you are not taking part are great. Special themed quests would be fun, there could be an area of the map with a Dino NPC that has a quest which would reward several prizes you can choose from. The events could be to find lost items, kill or find certain event dinos, something like that. The rewards should be special and worth putting the effort in for. I personally like decor, and skins. However you could have various rewards with a different quest everyday.
  2. Premium ARK is just that, it’s a Premium service! not just because it does all of those everyday tasks that all admins dislike, but also because of Max. His Premium customer support is the best I have ever recieved. I have never owned a dedicated server, I was very intimidated by the thought of it until Premium ARK was recommended to me. Max has helped me every step of the way, he even made a guide to help me to configure my firewall settings. Every time I had a question Max was quick to respond and his responses are easy to understand, detailed and informative. Whenever I sent a message to support I always hoped it would be Max who would reply, and it was, every time. I found out he was the owner of Premium ARK and was the genius behind it all. Once I discovered this information I was quick to let him know how amazing he is and what he has created here. You have to experience Premium ARK and Max’s service to understand. Once you do, I can guarantee, you will never go back. There is so much I have yet to do on Premium ARK, such as set up my shop and configure the forum. I feel I have made a friend in Max and I am really happy to have taken the leap to a dedicated server and I am so lucky I found Premium ARK. All my members are loving the lag free gaming, they are loving the cool features such as automatic greetings, and server updates, the email messaging system and in game notifications. I just don’t have the words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much Max, you have something special here! Thank you so much for creating this and for your first class customer support. I wish you all the success and I’m very excited to see what you do next! Thank you Lisa Ayre
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